Steven Slate Drums Platinum

Steven Slate Drums

The albums he makes are known for their explosive rock sound. Above the virtual drum kit are controls you can use to edit the sound of each kit piece in turn.

Steven Slate Drums SSD4 Sampler Library Platinum VST Overview

Not that particulary fond of these samples. It has been a long time since we have been blown away by anything like this. Drag your one-shot sample into a cell. Cons Now the tonal range has been extended, pretty much nothing. Hey guys, not working for me.

SSD5 - Steven Slate Drums

Go into their respective Edit Instruments windows or route them to separate aux channels to adjust their levels. Independently adjust the volume of each articulation and mic the instrument uses and the amount of bleed for the instrument as a whole into overhead and room mics in Fig. Six New Kick Drum Samples. Everything in a kit preset is easily mappable and re-mappable plus you can quickly load mapping presets.

You need to use an unlocked version of Kontakt to use this. We can see why Steven Slate decided to build a dedicated sample engine. We're looking into this for future updates. The first bit of this to look at is on the left and is where you can change the volume and pitch of each drum.

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Evanessence, Avril Lavigne, Celion Dion. Grooves are further organized according to the song section intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge or outro in which they are suggested to be used. But unfortunately, the splash, China, and left and right crash cymbals have no dedicated channels in the mixer.

Steven Slate Drums Platinum Edition KONTAKT

If you've wanted something quirky you've had to look elsewhere. Will my settings be retained? As it's just drag and drop, this is very simple. To the right is the mic section.

Steven Slate is all over the pro audio world these days, what with his high end analogue gear, the excellent Slate Digital plug-ins and his stunning Trigger drum replacement processor. There are only a few of these right now but Slate will add to these as time goes on.

The most realistic sounding drum samples I have ever heard. Excellent stuff - we love it. Drum replacement can be a tricky thing. The Instrument Editor shows controls for the instrument whose Mixer channel is currently selected or kit piece in the Construct Kit window is clicked. You can also delimit the highest and lowest velocities that can be triggered.

Terry Date is the producer, recording engineer, and mixer behind bands like The Deftones, Pantera, Staind, Incubus, Soundgarden, and many more. Once launched you will see a list of buttons on the left. Below that you can adjust the pitch of each individual mic set and its attack and decay envelope. Metallica, Kings X, Motley Crue. For a complex drum such as the snare you can individually adjust the volume of each element, although as they are very well balanced already you will find yourself mostly adjusting the global level.

As you select each kit piece you can then choose which microphone set you are editing. The archive is either in unknown format or damaged. Mr Slate has enlisted producer Griffin Boice to provide this set, and judging by the sound of them it was a wise choice.

And these new drums are unprocessed, but recorded with such amazing detail that they will sit in the mix effortlessly. While we love Kontakt, this player suits drums down to the ground. We recommend Documents Local or an external hard drive. Here you can decide where each mic set goes. If the very broad selection of presets doesn't give you what you want then you can always build the kit from scratch.

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Steven Slate Drums Platinum Edition KONTAKT

Trigger Advanced Drum Replacer. We also added a new master volume control to the entire plugin. The channel strip for each mic input includes a volume fader, pan knob and switches for soloing, panning and inverting phase the latter independently of other mics used on the same instrument. Originally posted by Peter Warren View Post.

Posted by Steven Slate see attachement. Recently, I started using the Steven Slate Drums. Powerful, ready-to-go samples Steven Slate has sold samples to some of the country's top mixers, and has worked hard to tweak and test them in actual mixes, topaz plugins for photoshop cs6 within various musical styles. It even lets you load your own drum samples to mix in with the Slate drumkits.

This enables you to tailor the sound of, say, the room mics without affecting the dry sound. Mix contributing editor Michael Cooper has written more than articles on pro audio over the past three decades.

Actually it was first time in the catalogue over a year ago. Our Verdict An excellent drum instrument with stunning sounds and plenty of scope for sonic manipulation. In putting together the new player the Slate team has been very aware of how their customers want to use it.

Jonas Brothers, Motley Crue, Jewel. There is a snare or kick here to fit into any pop, rock or metal mix.

Slate Digital FG-Bomber

SSD5 - Steven Slate Drums

Just below where you select the mic set to edit you find the Routing Destination. You can choose your view of the drums, either as a kit or a series of cells, but either way you just drag onto the position you want. The variety is fantastic, I can find a drum sound for any given mix. Turn the Dynamics knob to make a groove play relatively softer or louder samples.