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Finally, you ll master core reporting and data-mining techniques. What belongs in the tools database? You will begin with data generation and manipulation, learning a new feature at each step by building onto the old file, and ultimately creating a comprehensive file.

Projapati - The issue here isn't one of Ascending, Descending. Improving the log shipping process.

Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Query Tuning and Optimization

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Table-valued parameters to the rescue! Protecting Your Database from Attackers. Microsoft users may be more likely to want to take advantage of the company's new programming options, said Gartner Inc.


They are all focused on improving your soft skills. Does the order of columns in an index matter? Net languages likely won't be the best approach for all of their database development work, according to several programming experts, analysts and users.

Physics For the Rest of Us. Do a benchmark, see how the performance of the two methods compare. Extensibility through encapsulation. Mediterranean Shipping Co. How to optimize tempdb performance by Brad M.

This book is meant to offer practical techniques to guide those organizations through the myriad of challenges to true success as measured by contribution to business value. PacktPub e-book or hard copy. The Database Engine provides controlled access and rapid transaction processing to meet the requirements of the most demanding data consuming applications within your enterprise. Advantages of physical to virtual migration.

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After your application is in production, you need to understand how to administer data warehouse operation. Universal Patterns for Data Modeling. Covering indexes usually slow down modifications. One index can both cover queries and implement uniqueness.

Efficient backups without indexes by Greg Linwood. Well no wonder sorting takes forever. Check out the latest Insider stories here. Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. When the optimizer does it right.

Undocumented or partially documented changes in behavior. Calling code from a different database. Software Development Database Administration.

The common methods and their shortcomings. Successfully implementing Kerberos delegation by Scott Stauffer.

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Some even predicted that it will change their philosophy about database programming and lead them to put more logic directly into their database servers. There's never a completely black and white answer to how you ought to do this. Several analysis databases will be built and used for examples throughout the book.

Microsoft Excel MrExcel Library. Data Modeling Theory and Practice. When is an unused index not an unused index?


With help from this fully updated bestselling book, database professionals will be able to transform disparate enterprise data into actionable Business Intelligence. Description of gaps and islands problems. Building a data warehousing and business intelligence system is a complex business and engineering effort.

Net procedures just because we have new features that will help people in some selected situations. What are these solutions used for? Overview of audit infrastructure. Using an auxiliary table of numbers. Bruce Payette and Richard Siddaway.

How is the unused index being used? That will force me to join another table to see who is the user for that given id. This could be considered a field guide for them.

You'd have to consider adverse effects on other queries that rely on the existing order. How the partition function works. Email Required, but never shown. Foundations of full-text searching. The Trouble With Database Triggers.

Author Vincent Rainardi also describes some practical issues he has experienced that developers are likely to encounter in their first data warehousing project, easy data recovery professional 5 along with solutions and advice. The first are the people who implement the data warehouse. Test environments and virtualization. When the optimizer does it right again.

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