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Shishunala Sharif

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Though he never wrote down his compositions, by word of mouth many of them have been passed down to future generations. However, Govinda Bhatta stood by Him through all His troubles. In the eyes of Muslims, the Master was a Khafir infidel and for Brahmins, the boy was a Mleccha outsider. He asked Him to accept His son as disciple.

The land is fertile, the seed will sprout well. Dattatreya, Hema choudhary among others. Govinda Bhatta tossed His slippers across to them, but they hesitated.

Do you even remember what Namaz is? Even in the worst rain, does wind become wet? He is recognized as the first ever Muslim poet in Kannada literature.

Even when Shishunala was a boy, milk movie He was taught the tenets of both religions. It is belived that a great Guru in Shri Kalasada Guru Govinda Bhatta spotted him and persuades shishunala's father to take son as his student.

The people were left confused. Other Brahmins could not stomach His approach. He takes off His sacred thread puts it around Sharifa, embracing Him tightly. He composed moral poems in Kannada called Tatvapada. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

All his works are in colloquial Kannada language that is called Dharwad Kannada. Society was surprised by their closeness. Online webpage of The Hindu.

His own philosophy based on Hindu-Muslim unity, discarding the inequalities of caste, creed and religion. However, His wife passes away shortly. On the way, they were blocked by a thorn bush. Sharifa is recognised as the first Muslim poet in Kannada literature.

Just then, Sharifa comes by. Sharifa was born a Muslim but lived with Hindu. Sharifa went through extreme poverty, often going without meals. The songs are rendered by popular Sugama Sangeetha singers with most of them sung by C. Poverty and death of his wife Suman Ranganathan made him a wanderer and he toured the country singing his songs.

Santha Shishunala Sharifa Mp3 Songs Free Download

Santha Shishunala Sharifa is a Kannada feature film directed by T. Santha Shishunala Sharifa Directed by T. Shishunala Sharif was known to compose poems as per the situation and sing them to spread the messages across.

Santha Shishunala Sharifa Mp3 Songs Free Download

Santa shishunala sharif mp3 songs

Legend has it that Shishunala Sharifa was conceived with the blessings of Basavanna. Govinda Bhatta stepped on the bush with His slippers and climbed to the other side.

Ommome Nanagiga - Shreya Ghoshal

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Sharifa's songs have been sung by famous playback singers, notably C. He was the son of an Imam Saheb, who was a disciple of Hajaresha Qadri, whose dream it was to unite Hinduism and Islam. State Anthem Of Karnataka.

Shishunala Sharif was a saint poet, philosopher and social reformer from the state of Karnataka in India. The Master calls Him to sit, and the two sit very closely.

The film was widely appreciated by critics and audience upon release. Karnataka State Government has instituted an annual award named after him for achivement in Light Classical Music. Under these influences, he composed devotional lyrics which are still sung today.

In his birth place Shishuvinahala, even today both Hindus and Muslims can be seen worshipping him at the same temple. One day, Govinda Bhatta was seated with some Brahmins at the village crossroad. The music of the film was composed by C.

The boy was found to be curious about matters beyond logic and the world, and about the secrets of creation. It is said that Sharifa drank it.