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It says a gamepad needs to be attached. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Play The Oregon Trail online

No big deal, I have many more. Maybe someday someone will come out with one that works. Not working I'm on a Chromebook.

The mouse pointer for the game doesn't line up with my mouse pointer. Information on the ClassicReload. Sarah passes away from dysentery, bless her heart, and we have to bury her.

An excellent return to the past I'm really enjoying this game - I was about six when I first played it, and I never quite grasped the concept until I was older. Love the game and it worked great! So you have to have the disc? The other buttons work, namely the one to toggle between light and dark screens. We'll make sure to work to get it working again.

Unable to Play So not sure if anyone else is having this problem but as soon as I fill out the names and equipment I need it tells me good luck and on the next screen it freezes. So, im trying to play this on my computer, but when it says launching emulator, video klip pink just give me a reason nothing happens!

Download Oregon Trail II - My Abandonware

Your oxen were also subject to illness and death. Fails to Load I love this game, but every time I Log on, It either fails to download, or configure the emulator. Mouse Problem When I try to play this game, I can't go fullscreen and the mouse starts glutting out on me.

Download Oregon Trail II - My Abandonware

Then I made it all the way to the first split in the trail. Vizzed Retro Game Room offers s of free professionally made games, all playable online on the website.

Games not working The game begins to work but when you get to the store it won't allow you to input any numbers to buy anything! This can be fixed by resetting the tab though.

Free Download I think it is the best game i have seen ever, keep going. Then, when you resume the game, even opening and closing the webpage, it will offer to let you played your saved game. Other then that it's like I remember.

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How is that even possible? Also, is there anywhere it can be dowloaded. Maybe it will be fixed soon. How to buy Simple solution, at least for me.

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The Oregon Trail game description

Problem with full screen There's a problem with the full screen. This is Jason Scott, software curator at the Internet Archive. Nostalgic fun despite slight bugs Probably the best educational game ever.

That said, I would love to be able to write a review for the online version. Play The Oregon Trail online here. Not able to Download How do I download this game? Just because it glitches doesn't mean the game sucks, guys. It was fun, but it has a few issues.

The Oregon Trail game description

Not working I think I doing something wrong? People at the fort said the hunting was good but the bears were as fast as jackrabbits and nothing but squirrels crossed my path. All my food and my bullets disappeared so it got rough for a while but somehow we made it. If you do not press the shift button and enter your names in lowercase, the game runs fine. Simple, but in it's own way, difficult and addictive.

Play The Oregon Trail online

Also audio button is buggy The game is very fun, but the farthest I've ever made it was the Columbia River. Not the numbers above the letter keys. Many people have this problem and we'd all like to play.

Is the leaderboard forever stuck like that? Go play the original version.

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When you click the audio button while playing, the game freezes. This game is so fun I even made it to Oregon! It says it in the description of the original Oregon Trail game, I'm not sure why it wasn't put on here. For some reason it's more fun when you nearly all die or all die rather than when you get to oregon. The game includes several landmarks along the trail where players can make decisions, shop for supplies or rest.