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You uplift the mountain support the worlds in protection of Your devotees. Sing in praise of Hari Narayana Vishnu. Liberate me from the cycle of birth and death.

Sai Baba's sweet songs are drops of amrit nectar conferring Supreme Bliss. Miraculous is Lord Sai's divine songs.

Worship Lord Rama of Raghu dynasty. He is the very embodiment of auspiciousness. This site is totally a personal work. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Panduranga Vittala Mp3 Songs

Thou destroyeth Maya or illusion. Lord Ram, the Consort of Mother Sita. Victory to Thee who has the sacred bull Nandi as His vehicle and serpent as His ornament. Victory to the One who is without beginning or end. Make my mind aglow with the flame of divinity, flame of knowledge and the flame of love, and make it glow for ever and ever.

Be with me in all my births, O Lord Sai. You are full of Grace - we bow at Your feet. Hail to Narayana, God who comes in the form of man, bow to Narayana with the lotus eyes, who rests on the ocean of milk, whom Narada praises. Hail the glory of the boy Krishna, our Sai, our very own guardian and protector. Without Your shelter and tender care we are just orphans.

Kay Panduranga Sanga song detail

Kay Panduranga Sanga song detail

Panduranga, Vitthala of Pandhari who is bestower of auspiciousness, enchanter of the heart and supporter of those afflicted and miserables. If you prefer audio only, switch to here which is listing more comprehensive over recordings of mandir bhajan. Bhajana Bina Sukha Santhi Nahi.

One Lord incarnated, assuming many names and forms. Victory to You, Lord Sai Ram.

Kerala Youth Conference - Respect your parents. Thy Cosmic Form engulfs the entire Universe.

Thou art the incarnation of this Kali age. Chant the name of Lord Gopala, the beloved of Radha devotee.

Victory be to Sai Narayana. Just by hearing Thy Sacred name, demons run away.

Thou art the bestower of auspiciousness. Sai is ours, We are Sai's. You stole the hearts of Gopis. You always provide Grace to your devotees.

Protect, Protect O Lord of Parthi! Chant the name of merciful and omniscient Lord Narayana, who is fond of music, who takes care of the meek and humble.

Hey Madhava, You lifted the Govardhan mountain. Residing in Parthi, you have come to light the flame of Sathya and Dharma. Thou incarnated in Dwarka City as Lord Shyam. Kindly accept me at Thy Lotus Feet.

Panduranga, Hari, Vitthala- Savior of entire creation. Like, you, smith textbook of endourology I also worship Panduranga Vitthala and then and then go there and touch his feet.

You are the caretaker of the universe. Sathyam Jnanam Anantham Bramha. Kindly shower grace on us who are helpless.

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He is the beloved son of Nanda who loved to dance. Chant the name of Vitthala, our Sai Vitthala. Lord of Supreme Bliss and Lord of Parthi. Ferry us across the ocean of births and deaths so that we can finally merge in You. Chant the names of Narayana.

Jaya Panduranga Prabhu Vittala

Shivarathri - Real Satsang. The omniscient Lord, the eternal Truth, You are everything. Sai who is the mother, father and friend of all. Hey Madhava, Keshava, Hari, Narayana. Thou art efflugence and lustre.

Jai Jai Vittala Panduranga -Lyrics

Sing the name of Ram and Hari, who has taken Avathaar as Sai. Felt the positive vibes listening to this song. Worship the auspicious Mother of the Universe, Mother Sai and Amba who has an enchanting face with a charming smile.

He is the Lord of Mathura. Chant the many names of God. Have mercy on us and shower us with Your blessings.

Ever blissful Prince of Nanda steals our hearts. Thou art unsurpassingly beautiful!