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Online dating dangers articles on global warming, causes, Effects and Dangers of Global Warming

Dangers of Infectious Diseases Spreading Cold weather reduces the spread of infectious diseases by killing infectious organisms and their carriers, such as, mosquitoes. At the high end of the predicted increase in temperature, global warming could lead to irreversible, catastrophic environmental consequences. Even though it is unlikely to occur in the near future, radio carbon dating can be used to find the age of dinosaur fossils global warming may increase the risk of such events.

The impacts of rising sea level can include, flooding of cities, displacement of the people and loss of coastal ecosystems. These numbers come from calculations made by me and several colleagues. The Arctic may lose all of its sea ice within years. Reservoirs fill too early and water needs to be released for flood control. There are only about Bengal tigers remaining in the wild.

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The text below explains the variables and steps involved. With melting ocean ice cover, wildlife and humans will be seriously affected.

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Global Warming Impacts

The range of some warm-weather species will expand, while those that depend on cooler environments will face shrinking habitats and potential extinction. Due to the heat wave, medical costs soared. By the second day of the five-day heat wave, medical emergency rooms exceeded capacity. Earth's Temperature Even a small increase in temperature over a long time can change the climate. All of these changes pose serious, and costly, risks to public health.

What Are the Effects of Global Warming? Global warming could increase the spread of malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever. The secrecy under which such development takes place gives cause to concern about global safety and security. Sea Level Rise Surfer Global warming may make the sea level become higher.

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Dangers of Disappearing Glaciers and Ice Packs Almost all of the mountain glaciers on Earth have been shrinking and disappearing over the last century. Rewriting Life New Clues to Global-Warming Dangers Scientists are using gene chips to monitor the effects of global warming on marine life. Dangers of Global Warming On Ecosystems Millions of species worldwide could be driven to extinction due to global warming.

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Some similar studies are under way. The situation in the Arctic is desperate, sea ice north of Greenland is collapsing, yet mainstream media do not seem to care.