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Government Procurement Procurement is subject to the Government Tenders and Procurement Law and its implementing regulations. The Ministry of Finance operates as a central government procurement portal where all government tenders are listed.

Saudi commercial law is still developing, but in the Saudis took the positive step of joining the New York Convention of on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. Although Arabic is the official language, English is spoken and understood widely. Conventionally, dispute settlement in Saudi Arabia has proven to be time-consuming and uncertain.

Trademarks are protected under the Trademark Law. The tender regulations state that bids may be in any language, but in practice, tender announcements generally specify the language of the bid. Anti-counterfeiting laws exist, and the U. Are you Head of this department or a doctor who works at this department?

The Saudi Government has revised its Copyright Law, is devoting increased resources to marketplace enforcement, and is seeking to impose stricter penalties on copyright violators. Further analysis of these less reactive strains is continuing. Under the regulations, all purchases must be made through public tender unless specifically exempted. Bids also may be excluded if the purchasing agency believes that the bidder's contractual obligations would exceed its ability to execute the contract. Government has urged the Saudi authorities to step up enforcement actions against perpetrators.

Each ministry or autonomous agency contracts directly with suppliers within the framework of the regulations. Selling to the Government In Saudi Arabia, every government agency has its own full contracting authority. The Saudi legal system protects and facilitates acquisition and disposition of all property rights, including intellectual property.

Tenders are announced in the official gazette, two local newspapers, various electronic media, and foreign media as necessary. This requirement is strictly enforced. Cash guarantees are acceptable only in certain urgent cases. There is no central procurement office.

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Firms resident or working in Saudi Arabia must conduct all official business with the government in Arabic. Absenteeism surveillance Rates of absenteeism in Australia Post employees for three consecutive days of each week have been reported on a weekly basis since late April. The Saudi Government Contracting and Procurement Law states that all qualified companies and individuals will be given equal opportunities and will be treated equally. Enforcements of this compulsory coverage include fines for non-compliant companies and a refusal to renew working permits without insurance.

However, should payment problems or delays persist, U. The problem has become more visible following the sustained decline in oil prices over the last three years and ongoing government austerity measures. Protection is available for product and product-by-process. The Saudi Government has stepped up efforts to force pirated printed material, recorded music, videos, and software off the shelves of stores. Bid guarantees and performance guarantees may be in the form of a guarantee from a local bank or a guarantee from a foreign bank submitted through a local bank.

The regulations require equal treatment of national and foreign goods. Foreign suppliers that participate in government procurement are required to establish a training program for Saudi nationals. As the rates of clinical disease have not risen, the laboratory figures are likely to reflect an increase in rates of laboratory testing, rather than a true increase in influenza A. Close clinical liaison is maintained in all disciplines, mobile number for dating this being an important facet of the laboratory's function. The laboratory is fully computerised and provides a network of computer terminals in the wards and surrounding clinics to facilitate the retrieval of results.

Manufacturers of consumer products and automobile spare parts are particularly concerned about the widespread availability of counterfeit products. The tender regulations also give a preference to products of Saudi origin that satisfy the requirements of the procurement. Saudi Arabia has begun to implement a decree stating that sponsorship for certain business visas is no longer required.

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