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Not as good as the women's match. We saw some fantastic moves like the armbar by Asuka to the Asuka-lock. Her and Flair stood in the middle and exchanged a series of hard chops to the chest. Nakamura hit the Kinshsa and pinned Rusev to regain the title. Murphy hits Murphy's law for the three count.

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That has to be due with people knowing she's leaving after WrestleMania. The mood of match changed when Charlotte Flair entered at No.

There's no set challenger for Bryan right now. Lynch punched her to eliminate her and win the second women's Royal Rumble to an unbelievable reaction from the crowd. The guys did nothing wrong. We at Sports rumble have compiled an online odds comparison table in which we have put together the most recognized and trustworthy online sports betting websites and sportsbooks.

What better time than now to look at the Cup series race schedule, with race names and track locations to start planning your race weekends. Lynch mised a legdrop and Asuka transitioned to a disarmour into an Asuka-lock. Monster Energy Cup Series. He sold his injury to his side in a way that every talent should in all matches.

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Somehow, Styles reversed it into a calf crusher. Strowman eliminated Andrade and Ziggler. The final four came down to Rollins, Strowman, Ziggler and Andrade.

Styles had Bryan's leg when Bryan tried to kick Styles in the head. Lynch reversed an Asuka-lock of her own. Shocked McMahon didn't hit the elbow through the announcers table. However, Bryan put his knees up and immediately locked in the labell crossface submission hold. Lynch, who was on the outside, knocked Jax off and onto the floor.

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Hopefully, we see the program continue and see where the story goes with Lana since it looks tension is being teased between the husband and wife duo. You finally felt there was hope. Solid match, but it just never seemed to get out of second gear.

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Styles hit a kick when Erick Rowan made his way to the ring. That can no longer be the case. The men's match that left a lot to be desired.

She hit two of them before getting reversed. That appears to make the most sense. The finish was predictable as you knew McMahon wasn't being put in a spot like this for him and Miz to lose. Even the reaction to Rollins isn't what it should have been for one of the best acts on the roster. Lynch goes to WrestleMania, where it would be the ultimate shocker if she didn't pick Rousey.

Styles ducked and instead hit the official. Sports is loaded with players, coaches and icons who are full of great sports quotes. You know you are getting a great match when Bryan and Styles step inside the squared circle.

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She flipped Lynch and bridged up to lock in Lynch's neck. Nice match, but wish they were given more time, as they work well together. Remarkably, she walked the entire barricade. Great moment later when Kairi Sane entered at No. Dean Ambrose kicked Kingston to the floor and he appeared to be eliminated.

Rusev came up from behind to attack Nakamura, who moved, accidentally knocking Lana off the ring apron. The psychology and transitions by Nakamura and Rusev was well done like the rollover by Nakamura into an armbar followed by triangle choke by the Japanese star into a jackhammer suplex by Rusev.

Have to think we see one more match between the two since Rowan interfered and cost Styles the belt. That is the million dollar question. Styles tried for a splash.

Balor got a deep two count. The last two guys in the ring were Itami and Murphy. Whether it was a Balor dropkick or flips over the rope, Lesnar made every move believable.

Will we see Lynch in Rumble match? Had been prepared to type Lesnar to take on the winner of the men's Royal Rumble.

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The action wasn't horrible. By having a proper base and sticking to your strategies, online sports betting becomes a basis of income and not a hobby. Flair and Jax were going back-and-forth when the former dumped the latter onto the apron. While the ending was predictable, the way it got there had you pulling for Lynch to emerge victorious and earn one of the main event spots at WrestleMania. With a magnitude of options to choose from, you can make a decision on the most favorable line and place your bets subsequently.

Although the show went way too long, its many matches was highlighted by a great women's Royal Rumble. Nakamura went to the apron and undid the turnbuckle. Lesnar sold like a million bucks. Coming in, tdsskiller cnet it was hard to know what would happen.

The end was clunky as Rezar and Dawson's ring positioning was off and the former looked confused and lost when he went through the ropes before Gable and Roode won to begin the night's festivities. The finish occured when Asuka flipped Lynch into a third Asuka-lock. Like the previous match, another one that with more time and on the main card would have been excellent. Just an ordinary tag team bout that didn't feel special even though a McMahon was in the match and competing for a title.

Kingston rolled himself along the apron to the steel steps. Balor does two dives and the crowd became unglued feeling like a new champion would be crowned. It shows the women are the more over acts at this point. Lynch and Asuka started out slow, which caused the crowd to sit on their hands for the first five to six minutes. Instead, the right move was made.