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My parents think i'm dating my best friend, my Parents Don't Approve of Who I'm Dating

My Parents Don't Approve of Who I'm Dating

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We now live together with a few other roommates. We both ignored our other friends to only hang out with one another and did fun things like rent boats together and go hiking every weekend while avoiding parties at night. Every moment we were not in classes we were together.

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The story starts my second half of my junior year in college my friend John and I started hanging out all the time. Over the summer we continued our friendship and would sleep over each others houses, go to the beach and concerts. Is it possible he likes me? We didn't talk for two weeks, then things went back to normal. Then he continued on about how he thought I had a crush on him.

It started the other day when John's sister was visiting along with other friends who were all going out to bars, but John and I decided to stay in. We also went away just the two of us for spring break that year.

We never involved or discussed girls at anytime, it was always the two of us. Senior year fall started and we moved in together and would hangout everyday with each other still. We spend every moment not at work with one another, we tan together, go to the beach, go on vacation and even grocery shop together. We did this every weekend from September to February.

Then I moved out of my parents house and into an apartment in the city while he still lived at home. When I bring John to family events they think he is my boyfriend. We have been best friends for a while, who is chris brown dating currently but I hadn't thought of it this way. During the rest of our senior year we continued to be best friends and I got him a job with me at a restaurant I was working at.

My parents think im going out with my best friend?