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Spoken word albums rarely stand up to repeated listening - but then so few of them are narrated by someone as engaging as Eric Thompson. The final result was not only epic cinema on the grandest of scales but a rare example of a film-maker and a composer working together, rather than a score being written after the film has been cut. All the immense pleasure of The Adventures of Robin Hood, which pits Robin against a scheming Norman Prince John, comes from an ever-present feeling of knockabout bonhomie. Gotta give it to those Vice documentary guys.

The 50 greatest film soundtracks

Star Wars John Williams Rumour has it that Steven Spielberg was after something subtle for the shark in Jaws - perhaps a piano motif. With no score written for the film, Quentin Tarantino chose rock, soul and surf tracks to accompany the movie.

David Lee Roth crashed a Vegas bachelor party, but its guests had no clue who he was. Its melody is the basis for the whole of the landmark score by Dimitri Tiomkin, one of several by the great Ukrainian. That's what greatness can do.

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There are a whole host of ways that music can make the difference between a killer or a filler film in your collection and here we celebrate them in all their glory. Of course music always influences the way you view a film, but Morricone's music ensures that your reaction is determined by the music. Also, we're not including any movie musicals. When Demme liked something, he'd put in a movie.

Beyond all the grunts and moans syncopated to the key of desire, porn movies are not usually noted for their soundtracks. Essential to the film's success was an audaciously scattershot jukebox soundtrack which perfectly embodied the film's anarchic charms. Pete Woodhead and Daniel Mudford created the score in honor of classic zombie and horror soundtracks, from John Carpenter vibes to Goblin intensity. It's appropriate that the greatest movie soundtrack song of all time would feel untethered from its source. It's heart-stopping stuff.

Purple Rain is essentially a musical, right? And while its impact may have been diluted by subsequent lukewarm rip-offs, it remains strikingly original.

The gig was a debauched affair, with Scorsese as well as the musicians indulging in heavy cocaine use backstage. The conversation with Singleton covered a lot of ground, but what we concluded was that, as I felt I understood Hayes's music, not to stray far from his blueprint was by far the best solution. Plus, how often do you get to hear Washington, Gang Starr, and Wesley Snipes perform over jazz music? We came across those movies that made hits out of otherwise obscure songs, checkmate songs while also taking into account films that hijacked a popular song and made it indistinguishable from the film itself. Most theme songs for movies are ill-advised.

Limpness is in the eye of the beholder. And to interpret a score that's been in my blood for so long was fantastic. And all the more resonant when you consider that L.

Then he would disappear for a few days to do gigs elsewhere in America with his band. Critic Carl Wilson wrote a whole book examining the appeal of the Dion album this song found a home on. Honestly, Will Smith is incredible. The best case for music bridging the gap is the expectation vs. Retro-fitting their trademark Seventies glam-stomp sound with Sixties-style honking horns, Jim Lea and Noddy Holder served up their most coherent long-player.

Liam Gallagher reveals the name of his new album. Very few midlife crises sound this exceptional. The result, then, alludes to everything from Faust to ambient and, of course, Ligeti. The list of winners provides an incomplete history of the fascinating intersection between the music business and film industry.

The unlikely success of Deep Throat had provided Damiano with a budget to commission an original score. But it's his collaborations on spaghetti westerns with Sergio Leone that provide his most distinctive sounds.

Oh, and this is the film that virtually invented chase music. Instead, let's remember the groove, the strings, and, of course, the piercing falsetto of Barry Gibb, who turns this night on the town into an evening of interdimensional travel.

Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. The film's counterculture cachet was cemented when David Bowie used Carlos's Clockwork Orange music to announce his entrance on the Ziggy Stardust gigs.

Each production choice, from the string arrangement to the mournful sax solo, serves to accentuate her delivery. Add to that mix a swathe of stomping classic rock T. The first film of the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, Shaun of the Dead utilizes both diegetic music and clever scoring to comedic and dramatic affect. Knowing he'll survive doesn't make it any less thrilling.

But Howard's performance isn't what sold the song. But, in Medley's defense, the title does still kinda sound like a bad porno. The film, my favourite of all time, is the directorial debut of Satyajit Ray. Like many of the characters in the film, these songs were mild-mannered and self-conscious.

Oh, and Ben Stiller rapping along with his missus. He has an hour before the noon train arrives to prepare and suddenly no one wants to help him. Subrata actually also played the sitar on some parts, but it is Ravi Shankar throughout most of the film.

The 50 greatest film soundtracks50 Boyz N The Hood (1991)


John Legend and Common's Oscar-winning inspirational anthem for Ava Duvernay's Selma is not as nuanced and complex as the movie it sprang from. It's the type of brilliant cover that sends you back to the original text, which might hold more secrets and more of an edge than you first expect. He's already a mythic figure. Like John Barry, Isaac Hayes is an impossibly tough act to follow.

27 Best Ever Songs From Movie Soundtracks

But his work on Super Fly stands above them all, creating a template of style, breadth, and virtuosity that musicians are still chasing. Few songs could withstand that level of scrutiny.

Cameo appearances include Doug E. What happens when the songs dry up, and what used to come so easily, is suddenly agonizingly difficult? Attempt to imitate at your own peril. An Austrian, Korngold was the son of a feared music critic, and yet the vivacious music he brought to Hollywood was anything but austere.

Errol Flynn swashbucklers brought out the best in that most lofty of Hollywood composers, Erich Wolfgang Korngold. When his velvety, deep vocals arrive late in the song, it feels like they're introducing a character we already know from the wailing guitars and blaring horns. One of the camera operators was an unknown rookie called George Lucas. Sometimes it's a perfect thematic fit with the film's narrative. When midday arrives and Cooper writes his will, the score hammers home the passing seconds in a raucous pulse of song fragments, ending with the train whistle's blast.