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By the way cute version about this City Hunter with Min Ho is not bad. Meanwhile, he devotes all his energy into tracking down the City Hunter. Thank you everybody who like me in city hunter. City Hunter, in my opinion, is considered the best Korean drama that I have ever seen. As a Korean Drama fan, best civil engineering books you have the right to vote.

Watch Online in Dramafever. Frank speaking, I saw the drama repeatedly every week even it has came to the end this Thu. How many times did Na Na appeared in the last few episodes? Instead of investigating or arresting his corrupt, murderer father, all he does is urge him to turn himself in, as if someone like that is likely to turn himself in. Lee Min-ho, please come back soon.

Whatever it is, this is the best korean drama I ever watched. Peminat filem aksi must watch this drama.


Plastic surgery is nothing in Asia countries. Wednesday, please come fast.

It made me excited to go home every friday afternoon because i know the english subs would be available by then. But I think I will cry when it all ends T. Guess I picked one of the best as my first.

In my opinion, lack of romance or how the breakup has been handled has been killing the last few episodes, made it could stay on its peak. Action, romance, family, sadness, happiness, disappointment, history and etc. Many people thought she was out of line for changing the story line. You finished and I need to get back to reality.

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Yes, the main reason I started watching and am continuing to watch is because of Lee Minho and the other casts. He is the only one who wants revenge. The ending is left to the audiences own perspective. What a good show, but a bit too bloody at the start and at the end.

Another season would really make it complete. This drama is the best drama.

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Wish the Prosecutor would wake up and realize what his father has done n should answer to the law that he vows to uphold! But there is no one better or more cool!


But who would be able to survive that kind of injury, bullet straight piercing into his heart. This drama is becoming more interesting with nana now knows about City Hunter. If undergoing plastic surgery gets you parts playing against Micky Yoochun and Lee Min Ho, and have you end up dating Lee Min Ho, then sooner the better!

Next ep, will he own up to Nana, that he denies loving her Only to protect her life? This drama keeps getting better and better! Whatever the reason we can only speculate. Just started on koren dramas and loved city hunter becos of min ho.

Anyway, like I said, City Hunter is the best! Le Min Ho is too cute to be City hunter. Why in the end Yoonsung ride the car alone without nana in seoul at night? We will meet once again and my love for you will still be with me forever.

Lee Min Ho is great actor. Surely she is a honest person and she truely loves her husband. Nice to see Min Ho in action drama.

Fantastic and soooooo handome, haiyah! Lee min ho act very, very, very good. He is hurt, he is in danger, yet he would not hesitate to save her first. How can Hwang Eun-kyung make a magic story like this? He says his step-father is a runaway truck, n only he can stop him.

The writing is excellent, the director is very good and the actors are the best. But the scenes which the actor and actress performed together was disappointed. Poor baby, what a horrible fate! We hear the sound of metal, which is the knife that he pulls out to subdue his assailant.

Show, you had me on the first episode. It has become fantastic after a few eps. Thankgod someone else agrees.