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The online assessment is taken on completion of the training material. Because if its ease of use and intuitive learning platform. To instil the importance of correct handling by letting candidates know accident rates and types of injuries sustained. The results to date have been excellent and through continued close cooperation we are confident that we can sustain the momentum and continue to reduce the impact of manual handling injuries.

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Lasting and memorable safety training that delivers. You can take the test as many times as you need with no extra charge. This section takes you through the four different stages Load Individual Task Environment and provides you with additional advice about what to do during these tasks. You will be given the option to purchase and continue with your course at the end of your demo! Why choose our award winning online course for your training?

We give you unlimited access to the course material and free resits if you fail any of the modules. If you don't pass don't worry! We are proud to have enjoyed a constructive partnership with Pristine Condition for many years.

To show how lifting or holding a relatively light object can be incredibly damaging if the lift is carried out incorrectly. Here's some more great news about our online manual handling course.

Manual Handling Training Survey

This has been a very worthwhile programme which reinforces our commitment to protect the welfare of all colleagues. Your national training certificate is valid for three years.

This can be used to provide evidence for compliance and audit. To teach postural awareness, how the spine works and how injuries can occur. Assessment and training certificate. To let candidates, know that over a third of all workplace injuries are a result of poor manual handling and how these injuries can be avoided. We have worked very closely with Pristine Condition to provide training that addresses the differing manual handling risks that are present across an airline.

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Bespoke, hands-on, practical training delivering realistic and achievable principles. To evaluate the importance of choosing the correct mechanical aids if required, knowing their safe working limits and the basic visual checks to carry out before use. The course usually takes about an hour, depending on your learning speed. After all, if a member of staff injures their back no matter where they are they may need time off work and it may affect their general fitness in the short or long term. The trainers from Pristine Condition have a good knowledge of their subject matter and work at the correct level and in a style that the audience appreciates and benefits.

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Bespoke solutions for your business. Whether it is a group, individual or task related problem contact us for the correct, up to date information that you require. This Asbestos Awareness Category A course is suitable for anyone who may be exposed to asbestos so that they can avoid work which may disturb an asbestos containing material. We stick around in case you need us, basically we promise to never leave your side.

Manual Handling Training Survey

Asbestos Awareness Category A. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations require employers to ensure that all employees are trained and competent in manual handling. No items in basket - checkout. Not only do they buy into this but actually enjoy it.

Delivered with passion and enthusiasm. Online training courses with a National Certificate Health and safety compliant.

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Many people think that manual handling is lifting a heavy object. This certificate does not have an expiry date. We will print this recommended renewal date on your certificate. Because on completion you get an instant digital training certificate to download and print. It is important to emphasise that the training contained in this programme is invaluable not only in the workplace itself but for general everyday use outside the workplace too.

We recognise that time is money. To give candidates good foundation knowledge on handling assessment and control measures.

Manual handling accidents account for more than a third of all accidents reported each year to the enforcing authorities. The flexibility of the programme and support from Pristine Condition has enabled us to train British Airways staff to deliver the Pristine Condition techniques.

This section also covers the three Golden Rules of Manual Handling. Because this manual handling course, teaches you risks and hazards and the importance of correct handling techniques. Our unique approach makes all the difference, by getting the correct information to staff, atf advance turbo flasher we are able to dispel the myths and fallacies associated with manual handling. The Aims of this training course. This Manual Handling Training Course ensures employers comply with these Regulations by providing appropriate knowledge of the risks and safety measures associated with manual handling tasks.

It covers correct neutral postures, working in the Power Zone, and how to successfully break bad postural habits. Once you have completed the course you will have instant access to your training certificate which can be downloaded and printed or emailed. To teach the correct lifting and handling techniques.

They range from us delivering directly to your staff to a train the trainer approach. On completion of the course, each successful candidate receives a Certificate Of Training, avilable as an instant download. Manual handling training that guarantees results. The new, unique, innovative approach to manual handling training.

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Because this course may save you from short term and long term injuries. It explains how to carry out work at height safely and in accordance with the regulations. This should be supplemented as necessary with more specific information and training on manual handling injury risks and prevention, as part of the steps to reduce risk required by the regulations.

Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training