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Road Lottery is a great time of year, but it can be kind of complicated to figure out, particularly if you've never participated before. Thank you for keeping your word and helping our family, making it easy for us to participate in the program. What's the weather forecast? With your help I have received my green card. My particularly long internet look up has now been rewarded with professional knowledge to share with my family.


See the Trip-Planning Info for Lottery Winners section lower on this page for more details about what to do if you are drawn in the lottery! You should also read the frequently asked questions lower on this page before coming to the park in September.

You need to know that the period for submitting your entry lasts few month each year and as statistics shows the first participants have the biggest chances to win the green card lottery. Some undocumented immigrants in the U. Sirs, I was in a bad situation in my country Morocco. Please enter your name here.

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Please also note that people can backpack during Road Lottery, but not in conjunction with a drive into the park i. After trying so many times, I gave up. Make sure to check that your card saved in recreation.

There is no any fees for the registration in the green card lottery and also there is no payment for the filling up the application form. The Department also uses special technologies and other methods to identify people who commit fraud or who submit multiple applications to the program. You can therefore just camp one or two nights at Tek if you'd like.

Learn more about visiting Denali with a pet. We are so grateful that you encouraged and helped us, especially because we had so many doubts and were afraid to even begin. Once picked up, permits are not transferable between vehicles.

All applicants will be notified by email of whether or not they were drawn. The Diversity Visa Lottery, more commonly known as the Green Card Lottery, is a chance for anyone from qualifying countries to get their green card. Are there vehicle size restrictions?

Is there a minimum-length stay at Teklanika Campground? Please also remember to stay quiet when viewing wildlife. What do I need to know about driving the Denali Park Road? You maintain your accumulated bonus points as long as you apply in the first drawing at least once every two years.

You may check in upon arriving in the park, as early as the Friday before Road Lottery begins. Three park campgrounds are open during lottery Riley, dataram ramdisk Savage and Teklanika.

In the park, you can pick up sandwiches and other food at the Morino Grill, located next to the Denali Visitor Center. They recommended a convenient solution and the problem was fixed immediately. This is the only place in the park, other than the entrance area, to get water, so plan accordingly. The military distributes the passes for Military Appreciation Day.

Lottery participants are encouraged to contact the park or follow our forecast for the latest weather info. The time and consideration you have dedicated to me and my application is very much appreciated.

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If you fail to draw your first license choice in any given year, you receive a bonus point. Permanent Resident Card Renewal Process. When you accumulate four or more points, the number of additional chances is determined by cubing your bonus points.

If you are claiming a country that is not the country in which you were born, please explain why. How does the road travel permit work? Thank you so much for taking care of the entire process. Picking up your permit, visitor center hours Pick up your permit at the Denali Visitor Center.

The permit fees help pay for the staff and materials needed to run the event in the fall. When you receive your first license choice, you lose your bonus points and start over. Not Specified Female Male. In most cases when an applicant reaches this point he or she is likely to draw a permit. If you are qualified, however, it makes sense to apply.