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Khakee (2004) MP3 Songs

However, Bhaskar was killed before he could do that, and Ansari began to receive threatening calls asking him to hand over the file of evidence against Deodhar. Anant gets a call from Aangre, who is present at the scene in disguise. Anant spots him and chases him, but Angre causes a stampede and escapes.

Lara Dutta appears as a bar dancer in the song Aisa Jadoo. Anant calls Naidu to appraise him of the events and to get a police team. Kamlesh drives away from the station in the police van as a decoy. During their meet, Raghavan narrated a script to Santoshi about cops which he liked.

Khakee hindi movie video songs

The team takes Ansari to a hospital. In a shootout, Aangre uses Mahalakshmi as a shield and she dies. The team manages to escape, but Aangre shoots Ansari.

Shekhar and Mahalakshmi go to the General post office and recover the file, but Aangre ambushes them. Anant then realises that Naidu is a corrupt cop in hand with Deodhar and Aangre. Everyone gets away on time before the Jeep explodes. In fact, a lesser actor would've failed to do justice to the role.

Rajkumar Santoshi Shridhar Raghavan. EngvarB from May Use dmy dates from May Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from August All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention.

The music is composed by Ram Sampath. Santoshi has a knack for extracting wonderful performances from the cast. Ajay Devgn adds yet another feather in his cap with a performance that could've been essayed only by a master performer. It keeps you at the edge of your seat. But Bachchan's expressions, voice and movement bring the character to life.

Shekhar is shot, but not before he places a call to Anant, letting him know that Mahalakshmi is a double agent. Films of Rajkumar Santoshi. Anant gives the others the option to leave the mission, but everyone refuse to leave. The remaining van now becomes dysfunctional, the team pushes the van to a secluded bungalow to halt and fix it. He beats him unconscious till he is held back by the police.

The team soon plan to get away on an empty train to Mumbai with the recovering Ansari. The team gives Ansari a proper burial, and declare to the media that the case is not over.

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Khakee hindi movie video songs

Bhaskar had the file containing the evidence and wanted Ansari to give him the post-mortem reports of the social workers to expose Deodhar. After heavy firing, which thoroughly depletes the team's ammunition, Aangre sends message to hand Ansari over to them.

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Shekhar and Ashwin manage to sneak Ansari out. An aging Amitabh Bachchan is first rate with his trademark delivery.

The team finds journalist Bhaskar's son, who has unknowingly known the location of the file all along. The team catches a photographer trying to photograph them and confiscate his camera. Akshaye Khanna was originally supposed to play the role which Tusshar Kapoor played.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Soon, along with Ansari and Mahalakshmi who also wants to go to Mumbai, they leave for Mumbai by road, but find their way blocked by a crowded cattle fair.

The team is soon attacked at the bungalow by Aangre and his men. Lyrics are penned by Sameer.

Khakee hindi movie video songs

Veteran actor, Amitabh Bachchan takes full credit for his work in this film. On the way to jail, Aangre sees that the bolts holding his handcuffs are loose. However, the jeep driver lost control and did not brake. Shekhar tries to hand Ansari over, but Anant objects.

Khakee hindi movie video songs

It gives you your money's worth. She suffered a fracture on her left foot and some bruises. Deodhar invites Anant over and tells him to toe the line, with promises to promote him, but Anant refuses to bend.

Khakee hindi movie video songs

Khakee is great evidence of what smart writing can do to a film - the duo of Rajkumar Santoshi and Shridhar Raghavan, deserve all the credit for packing the punches the film delivers. Since its release, Khakee has met with critical acclaim, including for the performances of the lead actors. The railway station of Apta was rechristened as Nairoli for the scene featuring the shoot-out at the station. Kamlesh stops the van close to the tracks to catch the train, meez hacker v.13 for but is shot by Aangre. Hence Sampath was selected after an audition.

Aangre and his men enter the house and hold everyone at gunpoint. Anant chases Aangre and surrounds him with a huge police force. Powerhouse casting, and equally powerhouse direction by Rajkumar Santoshi, makes this an above-average example of mainstream Bollywood thrillers, sans any stylistic flourishes.