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Please fill in your email. If I remember correctly there was a way to boot into some kind of a safe mode. Please check the forums for the unlock thread.

Could u guys suggest me a good free Screen reader compatible with my phone? Some people find that the Touch Diamond's battery life is too short. The device vibrates when the ball hits a wall, giving the illusion that a real ball is inside the device. Personally I have the blue rom installed on mine without any problems. During the next time also I have to do the same thing.

Connect the device to your computer and run an antivirus scan. The english version can be downloaded on the official htc website. This feature is used by the camera application to auto-focus the camera as a finger approaches to press the button that will take a picture. DirectPush Exchange Server.

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Will I be able to use the Blackberry on Dtac? Regarding the memory problem, it really pisses me off too.

HTC Touch software

So if you can't wait, send message to me and I pass it through. Viraj There is a technique to move files from the phone to memory card. And for the people having their contacts deleted it is because your phone is can only sync with one p. It is useful to draw small icons as well as painting or editing rather big images. One for farangs divorced from Thai women.

So that I might be able to restore my phone back to its normal configurations. This interface makes it easier for users to accomplish common tasks using their fingers rather than a stylus. How can i use another network? So try installing apps on your storage card to leave enough mem on the phone.

HTC Sync Manager Overview

This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. Already on the waiting list.

My software You have not saved any software. There are latest and user friendly software which you can easily download. Unless ofc you were careless enough to accept bluetooth files. The Application will then be installed the next time you synchronize your Device. The background of the Home tab can be customised via the Settings tab.

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And this I follow for my Desktop comp. More questions, head over to xda forums, they can answer your questions well. You can ask this question on the xda forums, they will know everything related to these phones. If its good, you could try tweaking the wireless.

It should be like a small tab you can move on the side of the card. Is there one for free download? The main function is recovery lost files from Mobile Phone. It always reboots whenever it goes into the hibernating mode. Hope you know that to use wifi, there has to be a network.

Dont think I will ever get a virus on my phone. Through my multiple comparison, I still like to use the video converter. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Hmm pocket e-sword is an app, you dont need another to run with it. Some memory cards have a read only lock system.

Currently he is pursuing a career in aviation. This is to prevent the screen accepting unwanted inputs from the user's face when they are making a call, but it also requires the user to turn the screen back on if they want to use the screen. Any help would be appreciated. Text message option in messaging has disappeared, any ideas anyone as I send alot of texts and would rather not have to do a hard reset. You can have your Bold tomorrow.

In most cases, they are still recoverable. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my website thus i got here to return the favor? But have no Re-entry Permit. For business Users, there is no alternate to Blackberry. Unfortunately I dont surf with my phone, sry.

If anyone here has any idea on how to crack this, please let me know. How would i download it onto the pc?

The Touch Diamond includes a YouTube program that allows users to search for videos, maintain a list of their favorite videos, and view featured videos. There are many programs for Windows Mobile phones but most of them are paid. The main function is recovery lost files from Mobile Phone for Linux. Htc Mobile search results. Dear Alfred, Thankyou very much for providing such good softwares, especially for pocket e sword.

It works natively with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server software for keeping contacts and schedules up to date on both devices. Mobile phone data recovery software provides facility to recover all types of deleted data from mobile phone device.

Losing connection repeatedly while updating weather, using Fring, or Internet explorer. Go client but could not find the Y! Luckily I had a backup on my other phone.

HTC Touch Diamond

HTC Sync Manager Overview

The first time it recognizes the Touch, ActiveSync guides the user through a setup process, and it automatically synchronizes on subsequent connections. It works perfectly on the Touch, marathi songs lyrics I have used it a lot while messaging.

HTC Touch software

ActiveSync Software for an HTC Touch

Ill go ahead and look for another list. Ashish Ive found that when files are sent through bluetooth, it goes to your phones memory even if you have set it to the storage card. High Tech Computer Corporation. Right, they still don't have stock on Blackberry Bold Devices. Having trouble watching youtube or web based video, any suggestions as to the best way to do so.