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And it is unfortunate that on the road to meeting your future spouse that many people have to go through divorce many many many times and we raise a generation of professional divorcers. Boy tilts head to the right, Girl tilts head to the right and boy and Girl Kiss.

Girl will laugh at his jokes. So you know what people are practicing? My goal is the best marriage in the world that satisfies me and that we complete each other.

Normal in marriage is not good so therefore, if I want a good marriage I do not normal things. Does that include single people?

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Ok, that sounds slimy too. In order to find the perfect will of God, you need to become a fool. And I want you to walk out of here with the same mentality.

Everyone is miserable, everyone is looking for real intimacy in marriage, everyone is considering divorce, everyone hates their life. So whatever small problem is in dating, magnify it in marriage. How do feel now about this whole dating thing? The problem in a lot of marriages believe it or not has nothing to do with marriage, north carolina law on dating a minor has to do with dating! Maybe to do things that the world considers foolish and that you thought was foolish.

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Human nature is everyone does it, you do it as much as I do that we talk about the things that we think are important. How do I do foolish things?

Why is he so concerned about that? We already talked about what marriage is.

Where God is the number One and solely the number One and nothing takes the place of number one in their life. So when you stop doing those things, what did you expect to happen? Boy and Girl get into a fight. You may look at your marriage today and say you know what? Is this person going to bring me closer to God, yes or no?

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Good girls that I want to punch in the face sometimes. Boy and Girl looking googoly eye at each other. Something that made you feel you want to lay down your life for your partner. And the key to doing that is to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Things are not what they used to be.

When is God going to answer this one? This is the cycle that we created for ourselves. This is what we practiced when we were growing up. Does that include married people? So our higher standard here is, I will not settle for less than best in anything in life.

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Why should I not do those things with her? Think of the person who would lay down their life for you who loves you more than anyone else. None of those things are appropriate, right? Your wife is nice and all, but keep her away from me Monday through Friday.

Like, if you ask them for something crazy, they would do it. Would you like to come over to my house tonight? Does that include relationships? God has the perfect thing for you, why are you settling for anything less than that?

That he could have given me that candy cane, but the candy cane would have hurt me a lot more than would have helped me. If you want a good marriage, the work begins right now! And what communion has light with darkness? My hope today is that some of you will change your mind.

So the person who kinda annoys you every now and then before marriage, oh man, you wanna shoot them sometimes in marriage, okay? And not only do I love you and I care about you, I have the entire world in my hands.

And they end up having a good time, they talk, they discuss, they laugh, they joke and boy and girl continue to keep on hanging out. How can I tell with someone I just met? God is counting the minutes more than you are.

Boy and Girl sit on a sofa together. As boy and Girl keep on hanging out, their hanging out gets more and more deeper and start to do more things alone together. Send me one of those all terrain vehicles or or send a missile from heaven to shoot down Pharaoh and the bad guys.

Your marriage may be going fine, but it may be subpar. Those things should not take place outside of the marriage relationship.