What is DSound

Then you have the regular Trending, Hot and New main sections. That is another kind of art!

All music in the tops contains some kind of sample or sampled instrument! By the way, what do you mean by profiles not loading? Right now it is going through a cleanup process so it should be really slow, so please allow it an hour or so to stabilize and then try again. Anyway, thank you for this addition.

It's my dream so if you want to develop it I'll look into it if we can have it on the Whaletank or some other Whale sponsor. This is truly impressive and a perfect addition to dtube. Instead, it is much safer to only allow the use of the private posting key and limit the risks. Yeah but will I get to know who used my stems and where?

They are so many good platform like this that are striving to survive because no one knows they exit. This is awesome - I'm going to tell one of my musician friends about it and to use it. Actually I would love this one! That is exactly my concern. Please check if you have the correct behaviour now.

By clicking on the logo to go to your feed or exiting the browsing to any other page you will exit the category mode. Every artist with his or her song up there. Please continue with it, you are a pioneer.

Good to know that you enjoy my project. It's so exciting to see stuff like this being built on top of the Steem blockchain!

Soon we conquer the world! And I worked almost non-stop until I have this first alpha version to share with you! However one concern for me is regarding the copyright. Here I decided to have a simpler but equally intuitive approach, inspired by the leading sound sharing platform SoundCloud, as the potential users are already used to it. Did you get my linkedin invite?

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If you upload these works to YouTube or SoundCloud in a matter of seconds they are taken down for copyright infringement. But more should be done in commercials and awareness. The ones that are struggling to show their work to the world. Fantastic news, Steemit is just getting better and better, cheers mike.

Succcessful uploaded my first track! Just a matter of time until Steem and steem related apps are known everywhere. Before i had constantly upload issues now it works smooth like a breeze. Yes, these are exciting times!

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These creations deserve to be published and their authors deserve to earn their bucks if people like it! The crowd will come in no time. You took the words right out of my mouth. So, labels are now marketing companies that sell their brands, and fight all others that attempt to bring something new to the world, that is not own by them! And anywhere you see a track player with the play button and a waveform of the sound, you can play that sound and navigate in it by clicking on the waveform as you do on SoundCloud.

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Tried it - profiles aren't loading but sounds is playing. But many upload these works to YouTube or SoundCloud in seconds, they do not care about copyright infringement. Holy shit, I love seeing the direction decentralized is taking us.

With this as a starting point I think as it get easier that an app of voice conversation can also be built. As a musician and avid music listener, it will be a treat and a half to go there and start sharing. And maybe progress together faster? Porn on Steem will definitely get big one day in my opinion! Today I am thrilled to announce that prc aka.

Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. If all goes well, you should be taken to the new sounds feed where your sound should be sitting, waiting to be played by your fans.

Also part of these rewards will be used to finance the continuation of the project development, if the community finds it useful, and hire a project team if it all turns out really well. The gateway is being fixed and you can upload again soon.

For example, do you that the music of this century is based on electronic instruments and sampling? There are so much features, apps and activities are added to steem blockchain. And listen to what they get out of it.

It's a question of fairness. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

Tell me please, what about copiright? Doesn't seem to matter how hard I try, I can not get a four hour podcast to upload.

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If is doesn't go, 50 cent you dont know please join channel dsound on steemit. Recently I interviewed prc the creator of dsound and the interview went long and we talked about a lot of things. Please get to me on dsound channel at steemit.