But no, she is quite happy with Mr

Draya dating orlando

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Her opinionated stance and razor-sharp tongue made her one of the most recognizable faces on the show. The media has reported that she is kinda abusive and he has ended the relationship on several occasions. However, he keeps going back to her. This Mexico trip in question that Scandrick cites in his statement took place with Draya Michele at his side. The follow up to her first clothing line was released in and was called Fine Ass Girl.

Draya is also set to star as Gina in the movie All In, which is slated to drop later this year. Then we learned that Orlando never showed up to court to enforce the restraining order, so it was all good in the upper class hood again. But no, she is quite happy with Mr. They clearly argue and they don't hide it.

Some people prefer the calm relationships. Draya's boyfriend cum fiance, Orlando is an American football cornerback who plays for the Washington Redskins. Although Scandrick might do the workout.

Orlando is from Torrance, California, which is one of the nicest cities in the Los Angeles area that no one knows about. Her then boyfriend, Orlando, asked her to marry her in June of and to which, she answered yes, despite having taken a break from each other two months earlier. If you think like them, then the following advice is not for you.

And I will continue to support him. Less tourists means more smiles. It was just a bad decision. They were having issues, Orlando told the media he was over her and they were no longer going to get married. Draya recently did an interview where she said there will either be a wedding or a funeral.

She was also once rumored to have dated Pittsburg rapper, Wiz Khalifa. There is still more to the story. The exciting part of their experiences is that they've gotten so wild that Orlando has gone as far as filing a restraining order against Draya. For them, this recently happened in July.

In a dramatic turn of events, the We Belong Together star announced she and Orlando were no longer an item, days after revealing her pregnancy. We know Draya and Orlando aren't bored.

The engagement was called off, but as of now they are still together. Some people might look at the details and think they're dysfunctional. It also leaves no room for arguments and breaking up, unless those arguments are about being bored and going your separate ways. The internet blew up suggesting that Scandrick had the ecstasy slipped into his drink by the reality star. She was accommodating enough as the paparazzi asked her how she got such a flat stomach.

The media has reported that