Dracula 3 The Path Of The Dragon

Pick up the receiver and turn the crank. See a feeder in front of the pigeon coop. Maria states that the combination is when the dispensary was built.

All injure, the last one kills. Take the crucifix from inventory and place it on the fire pit. Place the lit match on the bible. Go down the stairs and use the telephone. The in game menu has the save, load, options, return to session and quit session.

Take note of the shadow not that of the Oak tree on the ground. The documents page is opened. Open the fuel tank faucet. Take the Schwartz filament and Kruger's note.

Dracula 3 The Path of the Dragon walkthrough

Click the letter that is in the drawer on the codes exposed by the pencil. It flows down to the other hinges. Go to the kitchen and talk to Maria. Learn the politics involving the haste of the application for the canonization of Martha.

Note that all the patients have neck hematoma and has the P anomaly seen in the blood. Separate each group of kennings by a break. Learn about the Path of the Dragon in Turkey.

See that a filament is burned out left of the sampler on the table. Let's test it on bottle Father Gregoriu. Click on blinking Budapest. To find out what the blue and yellow reagents do, take a sample of a typed blood in the refrigerated cabinet and test it first. Lower the sampler using the lever at left.

The white die has better chance to defeat the yellow and the yellow defeats the black and the black defeats the white. He uses all of his anti-vampire weapons garlic, holy water, a crucifix etc. Exit the dispensary through the kitchen door. That evening, Moriani writes his report refuting vampires. Use the enlarger on the date stamp.

When she followed the Path with the intention of killing Dracula, her offered her her beauty back, and eternal life. He works his way through various traps and eventually enters the catacombs, g string guitar tuner finding Dracula's body in a coffin. She places Bram Stoker's book about Dracula on the table.

Wash the opaline glass plate on the sink. He will venture the Path of the Dragon himself.

The Path of the Dragon at Shockwave. After realizing that there are dark forces at work, Father Arno decides to walk the Path of the Dragon. Follow the Path of the Dragon until the end and destroy the evil that I will find there. The blood tests are needed to determine who are servants and who are victims of the Dragon.

Click the blood filled pipette on the blue and then on the yellow reagent. Take the misplaced paintings off the wall by clicking on the hook. He was supposed to go to Turkey.


Unlatch the door and exit. He is scared of Father Arno now. Look at the window shelf right of the washbasin. Take one of the dice and place it in the container at right. Look close at the Sundial.

Pan right and take Rowan berries from the mountain ash or Rowan tree. Go forward pass the blood red eyes. Place the filament back on top of the sampler. Hear someone and the door of the lab is slammed shut.

Dracula 3 The Path of the Dragon walkthrough

Kruger helps solve the puzzle. The arm is now on the table. Irina asks that you examine the illustrations in the cream colored book.

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If not, rearrange them to that sequence. Open the case and see a flag, cylinder and handle.

Dracula 3 The Path of the Dragon

Dracula 3 The Path of the Dragon

Knock on the door and enter the office. Turn right from the mausoleum and see a wild rose bush beside a grave on the left. There are S-like graffiti on the walls of the village.

Go to the dispensary and ring the bell. The longer the line is unbroken, the brighter it becomes. Take the sterilized instruments.

Learn that Martha's grave was defiled. Enter the blood type in the Blood Test Report paper. Click to read the words around St. Turn left and check the floor right of the bed.

Take the small end of the left tube connection and insert it on the left side of the syringe. Read the words on the backside of the cover - Forever faithful to the motherland. Use the silver needle given by Ionel on the base of the flag. See that there are fresh bullet holes on the tree. In between the bars are wheels that cycle the letters.

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