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It was developed by id Software partners Fountainhead Entertainment via merger with id Mobile. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. Random page Help Disclaimers Recent changes Random page.

Also, good karma I'm assuming that's karma, the yellow yin-yang is rated with letters, but bad karma is rated with numbers? Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Also please note the Soul Cube can only be obtained in Hell. After defeating the Spider Mastermind, Dr. It'd be a good way to get rid of excess credits.

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It's like that great game but bigger, badder and more Doom-y. It is also visually similar to the original Doom. Honestly, I think this would be a great model for lots of other themes besides Doom, myth defense lf full version and I wish they would make more games like this for the iPhone. Nadira then commands his mind-controlled hellhounds to attack the Marine and disappears in the process.


The Junction is the staging area or main town for the game. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Early on in the game, the Marine meets Dr. All combat and movement is turn-based, allowing the player time to select their responses in combat. Zanax forcibly teleports the player to Hell.

Zombies and demonic monsters roam the halls, killing all who cross their path. Mysterious scientists conspire against you. No files were found matching the criteria specified.

By then, a major invasion devastates the Junction. Planning on an original mod though. After defeating Kronos, the Marine closes the portal by destroying the reactors powering it.


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On Normal, I was easily able to manage resources and learn how best to my weapons, buffs, and gear against various enemies. Now I need to go grinding. This article needs additional citations for verification. During the exploration of first few sectors of the installation, the Marine receives help from Dr. Nadira who quarantines his weapons claiming security measures.

In the Reactor sector, Guerard reveals himself as Kronos and transforms into demonic form. It's a relief having a game that doesn't frustrate you with real time and and too many controls crammed onto an iPhone screen.

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As the game advances it becomes clear that Kronos is still in the base and the cause of the attack. The forces of Hell itself have taken hold of the station and its inhabitants!

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Jensen suspected that Guerard was involved in his dismissal. Nadira dies and Guerard escapes. Battle towering bosses such as the Cyberdemon, Spider Mastermind, or the Pinkinator! This is evident by comparing the game and the game trailer.

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New weapons include the fire axe and fire extinguisher which are useful in combat against certain enemies. Recent changes Special pages About.

The game ends with the defeat of the Cyberdemon. Three weeks prior to the start of the game, Guerard asked Graff to perform a security audit on Jensen. The next time the Marine meets Guerard and Nadira, it is known that Guerard was behind the invasion and has been attempting to open a portal to Hell in the Reactor Sector. After freeing Jensen, he informs the Marine that Guerard and Nadira are into an evil scheme and directs the Marine to the next section of the installation. Health and armor are also two independently handled stats, with separate healing items.

Description Hell has returned! Jensen failed the security audit and was dismissed for this security breach. Electronic Gaming Monthly. Each action consumes a turn, after which any nearby monsters will also take a turn.

With the help of Kelvin and Jensen, the Marine gains access to the Reactor sector. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Various scientists are encountered along the way, including Dr. Guerard begins giving the player instructions. Notably absent are the Chainsaw, Arachnotrons and Spider Mastermind.

After the logo screen, everything is basically instantaneous, which is also a pleasant surprise for an iPhone game. Kelvin and Jensen both die in the process.

Eventually, Marine meets Jensen again. After defeating Kronos, the player destroys the power couplings to the reactor, closing a portal to hell the player is hindered by monsters that come through the portal. The player takes control of one of three different characters, then directing their every action.