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Doha qatar dating sites

Here, one of the local craft has been fitted with a lateen sail and moves across Doha Bay. Note that this block is made of a hard wood and appears to have metal sheaves or pulley wheels within it. But, by that time the method of sourcing timbers used in boat construction had also changed and I have never seen nor heard of un-planed timbers being used in their construction since then.

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Note that the wrought iron nails are heavily flat-headed unlike the wrought iron nails used on traditional doors which are hollow dome-headed for the effect they create. The three photographs show how the prow, stern strake and sheer strake have been decorated. Curiously, the stem piece has been cut down and even appears to have a forward crank in its leading edge. The sinn is missing in this case but the positioning of holes and the width of the stone at its base evidently have been estabished in order to optimise the catching capability of the anchor. However, it is the method of turning the rudder which is more interesting.

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It was common for fishermen to set their traps by moving them directly into the sea at low tide as is shown in the lower photograph. Yet this was not the only method used by those without access to boats.

However, in the nineteen sixties, the government constructed a purpose-built structure in Doha just north and east of suq Waqf for the purpose of selling fish. The development of this form of passive catching was the fish cage. The first two photographs, taken from over the stern and from in front, show how the steering wheel is supported on a triangular steel framework from the deck.