Carrie and Alex broke up yesterday

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Alex Day made the wrong choice, and we should take that into consideration, but we do not need to go around being destructive. Once again, I am not an expert on sexual abuse and I was not involved.

Acoustic, in November which contained newly recorded acoustic versions of half the songs on the album. Help those who are victims of abuse in any way possible. Alex has made a statement himself admitting that he is guilty of sexual abuse. My inbox is always open if you ever need anything, from a gif hunt to some advice to a general question.

So I think in a way I used everything that had happened as an excuse. Aside from the promised charity hair donation once her Les Mis commitments are complete in June, her options are vast.

The main thing I did every day was writing or making music. Celinde is one of the people Carrie shares her dressing room with, and has appeared in some of her videos.

During its conception and writing, Carrie Hope Fletcher threatened legal action in regards to her inclusion in the book. YouTube was a fun sort of extra thing that I did and the bigger it got, the more I did it. Send Carrie love and help her heal. Though nothing came of this, Fletcher and many other YouTubers and ex-colleagues of Day spoke out against the release of the book and encouraged their followers not to purchase it. It also suggests Carrie is aware of her limits with regard to counselling her audience.

We are a community of positive thinkers, and we need to carry on as one. Therefore, the channel has featured various other hosts, featuring videos created by people other than Day. Then, around the beginning of this year, Carrie and Alex got back together. However, stories have been circulating Tumblr that I think we need to consider.

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But I never took it seriously because it was never my goal. In the interview, she talks us through the thought process behind her acting, and speaks with such kindness and care for her cast mates.