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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dexter's Laboratory. The laboratory is filled with Dexter's inventions and can be accessed by speaking passwords or by activating hidden switches on Dexter's bookshelf e. Dexter's Laboratory Genre Comedy Science fiction.

Prince and Princess Elope. Dexter and Dee Dee realize that they make a good team, so they decide to do stuff together, but doing so makes things worse. Dee Dee inflates Dexter's hydro-plasmatic suit and constantly floats in the air, prompting Dexter to bring her down.

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Dexter and Dee Dee's father buys a video game for them to play, but the game sucks Dexter inside when he plugs in the cartridge. After Dee Dee declares that she can beat Dexter in any game, Dexter challenges her to a series of games in his lab, though he prefers to win by cheating. The game begins with a narration by Dexter who introduces himself and says that he is going to kill that night. Dexter pirates cable for his father.

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Due to Tartakovsky's departure from the series, the new seasons were made under Chris Savino and a different production team at Cartoon Network Studios. After dumping Donovan's body out to sea, Dexter returns to his apartment and receives a message from Debra who asked him to get to the Lucky Ocean Motel.

Dexter takes a look at Jaworski's car but was nearly caught by him, luckily Dexter was able to escape. An upset Dee Dee begins to behave oddly, prompting Dexter to go to the garbage dump and get it back.

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Dexter and his father enter a golf tournament, but Dexter's father proves inept at the sport. Greg Miller and Genndy Tartakovsky.

Peltra wants to turn Monkey into a fur coat. Rerun of the second What a Cartoon! When Dee Dee wins, Dexter realizes that fancy costumes are not the only criterion to become a superhero.

When Dexter gets amnesia, Dee Dee decides to play tricks on him by creating a whole new identity for him in her image. Dexter's mother attempts to support him during a chess tournament but does nothing but embarrass him. When Dee Dee befriends a turtle that gets severely injured, Dexter not only heals it, but gives it superpowers. Dexter is trying to paint his lab blue, but Dee Dee wants to make it pink. Dexter and Koos must save Peepers to keep the land of Kooz from disappearing.

When their father makes Dexter and Dee Dee switch rooms, Dexter believes that Dee Dee is destroying his lab and destroys her room in retaliation. This segment heavily spoofs early Pink Panther cartoons.

Dexter also engages in a bitter rivalry with a fellow boy-genius named Mandark, who is Dexter's neighbor and classmate. He went on to reminisce that, in those days, he was simply having fun working on short films with his friends. Suspicious that Dee Dee has not entered his lab even once on a particular day, Dexter shrinks himself and enters her room to spy on her. With her new brain, Dee Dee proves to be more intelligent than Dexter. Dexter's mom fights another woman at the supermarket for some new latex gloves.

Mandark disguises himself as Dexter's mom to get into Dexter's Lab. His attempts to modernize the Amish family do not go well. After working in his lab all night creating his latest invention, Dexter tries to sleep, but he is constantly interrupted by Dee Dee. Monkey narrates a documentary of the future of laboratories and sciences. Think over every step of the robot looking for clues that will point you to what to do next.

Dexter becomes the stern administrator of his local library. Dexter's inventions are objectively better than his, refugee hindi songs and Mandark tries to compensate for this by stealing Dexter's plans. Mandark brings his lab duck Ducky for show and tell to counter Dexter and his lab monkey.

Dexter and Mandark drill underground to expand their labs, but end up running into each other's work. Dee Dee befriends a sasquatch during a camping trip, but Dexter is determined to capture the sasquatch. After Dee Dee steals his critical invention, Dexter ventures into her room to find it. It malfunctions, causing a single phrase omelette du fromage to repeat throughout the night.

When I had finished her, I thought, what would be the opposite of her? Use all your thinking to collect found objects and apply them to their destination. The siblings inadvertently end up inside the device, which splits the pair into two copies, one well-behaved and the other rude. Rob Renzetti and Genndy Tartakovsky.

Sami Rank and Michael Ryan. Despite warnings from the computer, Dexter consumes too much power while performing numerous experiments, causing his lab to shut down. Dexter catches the chicken pox, and Dee Dee tells him a ridiculous tale that if he keeps scratching them, he will turn into an evil chicken. Dexter makes an angst-ridden trip to the hardware store to buy a new light bulb for his lab.

In this episode, the movements and dialog deliveries of the characters are similar to anime. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. When Dexter's father tries to teach his son sports, he realizes that Dexter is not athletic. Dexter's parents get him a bike for exercise, but he's unable to catch Dee Dee on her inline skates.

After fellow Justice Friend White Tiger helps Valhallen stop a super-villain, the latter invites him to spend the night in his apartment, forgetting that Major Glory is allergic to cats. When Dee Dee wins the same amount in a lottery, he decides to steal her money out of desperation. Dexter creates a device that turns people into hideous blobs. However, the plan backfires when he randomly snaps into television-based outrages. Butch Hartman and Conrad Vernon.

Dexter falls victim to one of his own inventions and sends Dee Dee back in time to warn his past self about the consequences, but the past Dexter proves hard to convince. To keep himself from forgetting anything important, Dexter uses a device to copy his memories, which causes a mayhem in his own head. Dexter and Dee Dee must travel to Chinatown to get their fingers unstuck from a Chinese finger puzzle. Dexter has a crush on his teenage babysitter Lisa Kath Soucie. When his mother falls ill, Dexter creates a robot to do her chores.

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