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Also, until recently our plot descriptions were cursory at best and often we did not include the names of actors. The numerical ratings were followed by details. It rates them on sex and nudity, violence and gore, and profanity. We fully appreciate your predicament.

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We consider ourselves consumer reporters, reporting on the most consumed entertainment product on the planet. Thank you so much, Christian Filipina, for all that you do.

The higher the number, the stronger the sex, violence and profanity. We make no judgments about what is good or bad or anything else. Words that have to do with feces, urine and defecation. This is an excellent resource for families.

While we strive to be scrupulously fair, and we list all objectionable scenes in exhaustive detail, we do have to make subjective assessments for every film. Though this process is optional, it is a good step for those who wanted to show their sincerity. However, our approach has not been as consistent as we would have liked it to be. It is up to the users how they will take their friendships.

It's like a food labeling system which tells you what a food item contains. This is what censorship is, plain and simple, and it's a form of extortion too. In Good Will Hunting, that word is used times. Words used in everyday language, but that may be offensive to some.

And they are not negotiable. At the same time, an R-rated movie may not be as objectionable to many thoughtful parents as one would think.

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The only thing we advocate is responsible, engaged parenting. Only the detailed descriptions we provide with each review will give you the proper context. Christian Filipina is the top competitor of FilipinoCupid.