He was sentenced to four years

Dating uni flatmates

The curry did not come in a hurry, so by the time the delivery driver turned up at their door they had both fallen asleep. The angels made me do it Photo by Nancy Hagoort This pic was taken on the Adelaide River, not far from where the boys dumped the bodies expecting them to be eaten by the crocs. He told investigators he had accidentally hit her with his car as he drove along Rooty Hill Road on Norfolk Island.

After pulling over and stopping Peter followed the man to the rear of the Kombi van and Joanne heard a loud bang and Peter Falconio has never been seen again. Murdoch has been imprisoned for the rest of his life in Darwin but the where abouts of Peter Falconio's body remain a mystery.

Judge David Lovell thought this was not a very good excuse and sent the perverted pastor to jail for eight years. He was arrested in Bendigo, Victoria in February after a local business owner became suspicious when he tried to exchange large amounts of two dollar coins and called police.

Pissed off aboutAfter he had screamed

After he had screamed when the first finger was cut off the attackers told him that his flatmates were doused in petrol in the room next door and would be set on fire if he screamed again. Pissed off about a parking ticket We all get pissed off from time to time when we get a parking ticket, but most people just grumble about it, pay and forget. He is now still in maximum security at Longland jail in Brisbane and early November went on a hungerstrike for one day claiming to be a political prisoner, he also has lawyers traveling to the U. The jury had taken eight hours of deliberation to come to a unanimous verdict.

The gun man then bound Joanne's wrists with cable ties and punched her in the head before she managed to escape, she ran into the dark outback and hid under a bush for about five hours. And in August another Aussie sheila managed to get herself in trouble in the States. Hitch-hiker from hell John and Alois McDonald picked up hitch hiker Ashley Appoo in Queensland in November and invited him over for lunch at their house.