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The world doesn't look too different until the last two timeframes. The setting has Japan devastated by an economic crisis leading to massive emigration to a fictional city on what appears to be Taiwan, where Japanese are low-class. On the other hand, it also happens to be set in a full-blown Alternate History.

We also show you how to get the most from Windows, with tweaking and optimization guides, along with showing you why sometimes you'll want to turn to Linux to get specific tasks done instead. The start of the Empire from the Ashes series. Wells himself acknowledged this in his preface to the edition, with some bitterness over the Cassandra Truth nature of his work. Judge Dredd is set years in an alternate future, and the character ages in real time, meaning that number never changes.

Aside from that, the world itself still looks like as it is in the present time. The remake keeps it set in its original time period. Robot and Frank features versatile humanoid robots that serve as caretakers for the elderly and voice-activated television sets, but otherwise resembles when it was released. Considering that most of the series is set in a prison, we don't get to see too much of the outside world. It's a plot point that Eva was alive decades ago during the early-to-mid s with the characters noting they've never met anyone alive during the s.

When nobody answers, they take it as an insult and attack. For the most part, the movie's future setting ages well, with the exception of the voodoo gangs and the heavily modified guns the police carry. Instead, nations solved their issues using virtual reality. His Callahan series is set in pretty much here and now.

Adaptations have variously taken place in the present, Twenty Minutes Into The Future, or in the far future. And while it appears that weapons have gone backwards, as Loopers are only issued blunderbusses instead of something more practical, for what they do the blunderbuss is extremely practical. Not much has changed besides mechas being commonly used for mundane tasks. Real Account would be an example of Next Sunday A. It's the closest thing to Darker and Edgier that Wodehouse ever wrote.

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