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Dating ljubljana

Visitors can attend lectures, take a guided tour, or walk through the galleries on your own. The city is a hub of cultural events and authentic cuisine, and its surrounding area provides plenty of recreational activities to satisfy outdoorsy couples.

Just outside of Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, sits a quiet winter wonderland known as Vlika Planina. Such romantic excursions provide an easy and relaxing way to tour the area with a date.

In it was ranked on the list of global top sustainable destinations for the third time. This is just one of many romantic spots close to Ljubljana, a mountainous getaway tucked between Vienna and Venice in Central Europe.

All along the steelwire

The museum is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday. All along the steel-wire railings, you can see hundreds of padlocks etched with hearts, initials, and love notes. The green season, as the locals call it, gives people a chance to explore the mountain at their leisure.

The museum is open to