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So after stopping in front of an apartment the reality would hit you in the face. Each of them would probably end up giving you different nicknames. About Author Rokit An experienced world traveler and nightlife navigator, Rokit has reported on adult entertainment in South Korea for years.

They would all look at you like lost puppies and Jimin would laugh at their facial expressions and fall on the ground. The conversation would turn into some deep shit and somehow you would end up sleeping.

They would end up giving you silly nicknames bc your name is difficult for them to pronounce. Once the man leaves the customers in the room, they strip, wrap themselves up with the provided cloth, put on the provided slippers, then walk to the shower room down the hall. Some customers do not get the mouth treatment for whatever reason but it is usually provided. When he starts giggling too much, his voice would be all high peached and he would bury his face into your belly.

You would shrug it off and get ready. Low key you kicked his ass from your single bed, he would make sure to buy a bigger bed tho. When you two enter the living room the boys would shut up immediately.

He would carry you into your room. Customers ring a bell to enter. When the movie ends you would talk about everything and anything lying at the same position.

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You would pull him to you and whisper, him to stop blaming himself. Jimin would roll his eyes. All of them would hug you and welcome you nicely. Belle is open every day from noon until the early morning hours. He was bringing you to his apartment which he shares with his friends so you were probably about to meet his group of friend.

When he hears your regular heartbeat he would know your asleep. You would take a deep breath before he unlocks the door and enters the dorm with you hand in hand.

After that they head back to the room and ring the bell to let the staff know they are ready. You two would probably watch a movie, both lying on the sofa like he lies his head on your belly and wrapping his hands around you and you playing with his hair. The other five looked like they were enjoying seeing you. So you two are now mad af and yelling so loud that your neighbors would hear you clearly. One day Jimin would randomly call you and ask you to get ready, before you could even say a single word he would end the call.

You two literally would became partners in crime. He is a short-tempered man and well you are not a shy girl who backs off when the boyfriend shows his angry side.

The shop is easy to find if you know where to look. Soon after a woman will appear.