John Hancock House Boston, Mass

Dating antique wallpaper

Printed in rust and brown on ivory ground. Samples are present in two colorways. Some are in near-perfect condition, others are fragments of the magnificent wall adornments they once were. Dark grey scrolled trellis framing an abstract garden scene in green and yellow on cream ground.

Printed in grey green

Stenciled in green on gold ground. Printed in white, three greys, yellow and rust on a matte ground of green, mauve, and yellow. Interior lined with newsprint. Large foliate pattern with large medallions comprised of a lacy floral background pattern. Printed in white, pink, dark green and brown on a dark blue ground.

Panel with swags and cherubs frolicking with a lioness, alternating with a panel with an urn. Scene of an unidentified chapel and buildings with trees. John Hancock House Boston, Mass. Branch of pine needles and pine cones.

Large diamond shapes with Medusa head. Sears, Roebuck and Company. The vignettes are surrounded by arabesques and neoclassical figures.

Lime green, light and dark pink flowers with sprays of green and gray foliage on tan ground. Sure, modern iterations of the form have attempted to bring wallpaper back into fashion. Prints in maroon flock, two reds, cream, olive green, pink on grey ground.

Thankfully, there's a museum that cares about the untended wall art of yesteryear. Sweeping serpentine stiff leaves framing floral medallions. Band of encircled rosettes and clover forms frame top and bottom period. Associated building, Beauport, Sleeper-McCann House Concave medallions with roses, wave scrolls and winding vines.

White, two pinks, two reds, peach, light yellow, two greens, black, dark brown on a blue ground. Printed in grey, green and white on a pale polished green ground. Printed in brown, white and black on a gray ground. Think Brocades and chintzes.

Band has sectioned circles, dots, and vertical and horizontal lines. Printed in three greens, two grays on white ground.

White two pinks two