Cut the ties now and move on

Dating a super nice guy but not attracted

Two months is no big loss compared to what he will suck you into if you let him. And indeed it might, when you're chasing after him once he's stopped chasing you and takes you for granted and regularly treats you badly. And that many will say people are more than the looks they were given, which they have no control over.

You deserve better than this. But we are humans, and as much as we are every other emotion we have to be passionate too. This is about way more than bad pants.

He sounds like he has some major, deep seated issues that you will never be able to fix. Don't feel bad about that. On Match, dating profiles are very detailed. Trust me, I've been with that type of guy and it's the worst thing that ever happened to me.

But we are

He openly told me women are liars, cheaters, users, and sluts. Bye bye routine, hello surprise. That may sound over the top but I absolutely promise you that was exactly how I felt in the company of these men. This lead me to believe from early on that he didn't trust me and didn't really think before he spoke. My wife and I are deeply in love with each other and accepting of each others shortcomings.

This doesn't seem so bad right now and you're thinking of possible many nights alone and frustration and loneliness and so, hey, this isn't so bad, maybe I should just give it time. Second, you need to stop dating these kinds of guys. Yes, I think attraction can grow, but I think that should happen outside of a romantic relationship, not inside one. Chelsearoo, I just want to tell you something about this. What I do know is that you should not make promises you are not prepared to keep.

If it is permanent, and commitment is added to the mix, it becomes consummate love. But I would be lying if I said it was not something I noticed, alongside his charming personality, when I met him.

Another boyfriend of mine was a relatively normal to attractive guy. You have been noticing his troublesome traits. You met someone who seemed to have potential and continued to investigate and see if the potential turned out to be anything real. If you need permission from someone, you have Metafilter's permission to stop seeing him.

You deserve better