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Dating a man with a newborn baby

But if someone does ask, tell them. Kaitlyn Hi there, im not sure if you have gotten many replys but when reading your post i couldnt scroll by. He is very sensitive to my feelings about the whole thing.

Four years is a pretty long time to be engaged. The father had the rights as the father as well. What can I do to prevent this from occurring. And embrace the life unfolding in front of you.

He has been very understanding, supportive, and communicative. Henry didn't mention having a baby is a big responsibility and she should take a while before deciding she's ready for the dating scene. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

How long should you casually date a guy before deciding to either move on without him or move forward with him. And on a more optimistic note, you may find that things are better than you anticipate. Mike would like for us to meet, and he wants me to be a part of everything. He has no romantic feelings for her, and the feeling appears to be mutual. Lizzy I totally undertand where your coming from.

You can follow me on Facebook here an Twitter here. Dhaylah Okkay, I have a very important question.

The good news is that the unknown does eventually become the known. So i stop looking for and just focused on my bby and studies as it should. This is not true, at least not as I noticed.

Four years is a pretty longThe father had the rights as

He is fairly certain the baby is his. Sometimes, especially in heartbreak.