Make your goals reasonable

Dating a law student long distance

This semester, Rob and I have seen each other almost every weekend. And that's perfectly fine, because their legal education is more important. For some people, happiness is being single, but for others, it is in a relationship. If you do this, it will be time and effort well spent. For those who don't know, I am in a long distance relationship.

And that's perfectly fine because

If you aren't in a relationship, your happiness and self love matter too. That said Rob and I are as close as we ever have been. Continue to reevaluate from semester to semester.

This semester Rob and I have

He also needs to be doing work on his house and our schedule has made that difficult. But if you have those things, you're definitely on a good path. However, I asked my boyfriend what the best and worst things about dating a law student are.

Talk about how you will make time for each other. She said that she recommends having a strong base and not being in a new relationship. In my experience, there have been a few things that have been necessary for us to avoid that unhappy outcome. Be patient with each other, communicate, and commit to the work it will take to keep your relationship strong. Especially as a guy who cares a hell of a lot and wants to know and help.

Honest and open communication is key in all relationships. Dating Someone Local- By dating local, I mean you are in a relationship with someone not long distance. Make your goals reasonable. The best part is the absolute pride I feel watching you go through it all and seeing the incredible amount of knowledge you picked up in just a semester. At the end of the day, your happiness is most important.