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Dangers of social media dating site

Cyberbullies and predators can just as easily create profiles as anyone else. Just because they are active and share a lot doesn't mean they are particularly trustworthy. It can seem like innocent getting-to-know-you types of conversations that can quickly take a more sinister route. Don't feel bad about asking questions and seeking answers.

Matters of the heart are emotional experiences that should not be taken lightly especially if it turns ugly. No matter how you met, your soul mate is someone who should bring out the best in you.

Imagine one of us living in the Philippines and the other living thousands of miles away in Connecticut. Don't fall into the trap of believing everything you see on social media. Whatever your reason for joining any social media network, it is always a good practice to be honest. Here are seven truths we've learned about social media and relationships as well as from people who have found themselves in bad situations. If your instincts tell you to stop, investigate further before continuing to interact.

Imagine one of us living in

We are elated when we see people find love on social media but if that is the only purpose of joining a social network, you may be disappointed. We have heard many personal horror stories of built-up expectations that were never realized. No matter what you use social media for, stay safe, be aware and trust your gut.

Sometimes we don't see everything objectively when we are in love. It is through experiencing the ups and downs of a relationship beyond the world of social media that you will find out if you're meant to be together.

Not everyone is truthful about who they say they are on social media. This can also help you avoid catfishing. It all culminated in us getting married this past summer.

We were both active on Facebook and Twitter long before we first met so it was never our initial intention to find love through social media. It all started for us as a simple tweet that grew into phone calls and video chats and on to meeting in person and being together. They should be willing to talk with you on the phone and meet with you in person and in public. In fact, we actually first met and grew our relationship on Twitter and Facebook. There are also cyber-criminals who seek out vulnerable profiles to get information.

Before falling head over heels for someone, make sure you get to know the real person first. Following your instincts is a must. If the person your building a relationship with is reluctant or not forth coming, have the courage to move on. Many of them agreed to meet him, and he filmed the entire encounter after notifying their parents and arranging for them to meet their daughters with him.

Don't fall into the trap

Social media is a great tool to meet interesting people and create relationships, but you must be smart about it. Just make sure you use common sense and always be on the lookout for your safety. When we see people find true happiness it really put a smile in our hearts although not everyone is so lucky. Love is something all people crave.