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Any ordinary year-old should be able to demonstrate power. Life was good between us and we appreciated each other very much. My true love is coming to Ghana, to take me away. He was the organizing secretary for the Business Administration Students Association from academic year. Someone even tagged me on a post on Facebook but with people like that you approach them with love.

Five months into my new job I found Adjoa. Some of your colleagues who are very good in drama and artistry can paint a picture of hell as if they have ever been there. It took me coming to God to let go. You need to be convinced before you enter. Now, I only think of my husband when I see him physically at home.

Yeah, they all say that when they want to leave. One of the people who really embraces what I do is Bishop Dag. When I started doing music, for the sake of categorization, urban gospel, there was not a market for it here.

They leave me just when I thought everything was going right. So I want to do better so people will see and worship God. According to him, I deserve it. And I told him okay but when my music comes on people just start dancing.

Joe Mettle is someone I respect in the areas of patience and waiting on God. The whole thing made me bitter. My heart opened up to him after that day. Relationship with Adjoa was different.