Cuban women are a very diverse lot

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Cuban ladies are much more likely than other Latinas to be career-oriented professionals. This created a boom for the international dating scene in Cuba.

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Cuba was a Spanish possession from until and that long history has left its mark. It is not particularly difficult to fly from Toronto or Montreal. Unlike other Latin American countries, where in some cases a role for the Catholic Church is written into the Constitution, Cuba maintains a strict separation of church and state. Another issue that no one seems to have a good answer for is how strictly the tour companies will make you stick to an agenda.

Since most of these companies are owned by Cuban-Americans I am betting that the Trump Administration will not be too tough on them. It had not always been like that. The most useful category for most people is probably the family category.

First, it looks like Trump is not going to cut the tour business that the Obama Administration allowed to flourish. Cuba is a tropical paradise and the women reflect that natural environment. Many, particularly in Havana and the other large cities are descended from the Spanish conquistadores. Other women are more or less pure descendants of the original Native American inhabitants of the islands, the Caribs, and a large percentage of ladies have some African ancestry. But when you get back to the United States be very careful what you say to the Immigration Officer, because it is a felony to lie to an immigration officer.

Far from being quiet, passive, and demure, Cuba girls are famous for being fiery and passionate. Since the Cuban government has opened about public Wi-Fi hotspots. So, if you go to Cuba be prepared for some very direct approaches from Cuban women. Cuba has all of that and more. That will be the best source for the official rules as they are whenever you hit that link.