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Cambridge University Press Swales, John. Textbooks usually present mediated corpus data in concordance lines or in text excerpts, to provide examples to illustrate accepted usage, or for gap- filling and matching exercises. Mapping Academic Values in the Disciplines.

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Native speaker students do not necessarily write well, or in the style that learners aspire to. If the same corpus can be used for a number of studies this helps to justify the considerable time and effort required to compile it. Trends and Traditions in English Corpus Linguistics. The use of English for specific purposes is closely associated with the use of genres within discourse communities, entailing an understanding of context and communicative purposes. The collection edited by Charles et al.

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The English used by teachers and pupils. Thompson describes how to use WordSmith Tools to align transcripts and audio files. If this were not the case we would not be able to speak and write with any fluency.

Use of files in different formats in this way can supplement corpus annotation and provide the user with an even more complete picture of the original context. Corpora for specific research or pedagogical purposes, however, are usually created by time-poor academics and teachers, as Krishnamurthy and Kosem point out.

Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. Building a specialised audio-visual corpus. Key words and corpus analysis in language education. Aspects of Article Introductions. Proceedings of the Corpus Linguistics Conference.

The video corpus as a multimodal tool for teaching. Language use and language teaching. Moreover research articles have to make sense outside the immediate context in which they were produced, by virtue of the fact that they are distributed and read internationally.

Corpus documentation Contextual information can be embedded within corpus files. Mastering the Academic Word List. Lynne Flowerdew b suggested that it would be pedagogically useful if corpora were annotated to indicate communicative intention.

The discourse function of collocation in research article introductions. The Communicative Role of Intonation in English. Motivation in learning language for specific and academic purposes. English in Academic and Research Settings.