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Campagnolo dating

The races are pressed onto the spindle rather than machined directly on the spindle itself. Campagnolo employs workers. Italian National Olympic organization for his contributions to sport.

New style clamp-on bottom bracket cable guide open cable run to front derailleur and cable housing stop eliminated from Record front derailleur chrome-plated bronze arms and then aluminum arms. Printed for year-end trade shows. Patent granted for self-centering wine bottle opener in the shape of a bell lever pivots are the patented hollow chainring bolts. Some bike parts have a date code cast or stamped into the piece. The raised-lip around the pedal hole of the Record crank is eliminated.

Fueled by this first realization, and with the help of other bike folks, Larry and I have sorted out other codes a project still ongoing. Consequently, Campagnolo parts were in use one or more years before they were ever offered for sale to the public. Printed by Olympic Resources, Inc.

As the wear on a vintage bike increases, the greater the likelihood components are not original, either through replacement of worn parts or through component swaps. Trek owner Larry Osborn made this observation, and suggested this as a supplementary way of dating a Trek and other bikes as well. Low-cost steel pedal rebranded Way-Assauto mod. The quick release nut is now the oval-ring version. Note that C-Record is not shown.

Fueled by this first realization

Printed for the year-end trade shows. Since it has the ears at the front and back of the post let's call it the Alfred E. Record front derailleur has slot added to cable stop. The Sport low-cost hubset large and small flange all steel hub is introduced in January. The two sets of Dia-Compe brake lever bodies I checked had the four-number date code stamped inside the lever body I couldn't find any markings on the levers themselves.

The first two digits are the week of the year. Maillard Hubs and Pedals Maillard used an open dating system for their hubs and pedals. Huret Derailleurs Huret front and rear derailleurs often have a four-digit date code.

Weinmann and Dia-Compe calipers usually have codes on the back of a caliper arm. Inventing and patenting car and motorcycle hydraulic and cable operated disc brake components is undertaken. Especially useful, and challenging to sort out and verify, was the Shimano code. Atom Atom pedals and hubs use the same date code as Maillard. The components were added by the local bike shop or by the buyer.

Consequently Campagnolo parts were in use

On a vintage bike in excellent condition that apparently had a lonely existence in a garage all of the components likely are original. Many components are marked with size descriptors in addition to component manufacturer's date codes. However, a Gran Compe set of calipers had no markings. Components also could be swapped from an existing ride to the new frameset.

There are date codes on some Nitto stems. Their work must not be stolen. Request for Information This component dating discussion is a work in progress.