Closes b Changing spaces to tabs

Cakephp saveall not updating

Adding skip to uses test to make running all tests in sequence more smooth. Template is required to render, but layout is not. Fixes c Fixed incorrect Controller object property name usage in Email component. Adding more package suites. Removing unnecessary blank lines and whitespaces.

Fixes b Fixing order condition quoting to allow fields with - in them. Fixes b adding some more test for dispatcher with array urls mainly used by request action.

Adding console test group. Beginning fix for multiple session starts. Closes e Adding tests for and fixing some formatting. This fixes the issue where data would not be totally destroyed. Adding a workaround for the duplicated prefix name.

Fixing incorrect import for ClassRegistry. No tests modified since behaviour didn't change.

Added test for correct encoding of objects to JsHelper test case. Updating labels of test groups. Fixes Updating doc blocks to match method names. Closes c Converting spaces to tabs.

Fixing importing fixtures for databases that require custom fields handling like postgresql. This will only be able to optimize array conditions. This corrects an unintentional inconsistency in the methods. Fixes ff Fixing typo in parameter description.

Template is required

Adding a test case to prove that unqualified column names work with postgresql. Making original tests more strict.

Adding skip to uses