He is dedicated and dependable

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He is smiling

As long as the other party is receptive and participating, it happens naturally, is unforced, and after a while it dies out or is no longer usable. If it can't see, it won't bite.

Just know they will jump off that hook if they are able and will fight like hell to do so. He knows what he eats and he takes him time deciding.

Clarity is the depth or distance that one is able to see an object in the water. He is boastful and masterful. At low tide the wharf is completely dry, leaving the fishing boats sitting on the rocky floor of the harbor.

As your speaking he may rub your hair as he is complimenting it. We start tuning in more and senses are heightened when the message is murky. The Recreational Fisherman is the guy fishing for the simple joy of it. This surge of seawater creates a once-in-a-lifetime adventure like no other, tidal bore rafting.

He could be a bit bashful and may even blush. He will put his arm around your back and pull you into him. So this article will focus on clarity.

He is smiling and laughing and purposefully noticing. He will turn to face you and his arms will be at sides or he may lean back against something.

It will be subtle, yet obvious. The minute you drop that line in, they know you are there.

These are the lil fellers who love the game and the fun of it. No one is successful without clarity.

He will turn to face