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At other times he lets you know that he always fancied his chances of succeeding. The Outburst aired in the middle of the fifth season and consisted of four episodes. The latest webisode series, The Girl Next Door aired near the end of the seventh season and consisted of two episodes. The Mentor aired near the end of the sixth season and consisted of four episodes.

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Nevins said they would only do the show if Hall agreed to return. The Office aired a short first season in that consisted of six episodes.

The character he played, chemistry teacher turned drug lord Walter White, was a work of genius and the way the plot was set out gave full reign to his skills. He was like a sponge soaking up information and experiences. Blackmail aired during the end of the fifth season and consisted of four episodes. But it's hard for me to imagine what that would be. He keeps it sharp and to the point and is, at times, engagingly self deprecating.

He continued acting during his time at Earlham College, where he starred in such productions as Cabaret. College was followed by acting roles in local and regional theatres.

Subtle Sexuality aired during the beginning of the sixth season and consisted of three episodes. Kevin's Loan consisted of four episodes and ran between the fourth and fifth seasons. He also performed in the workshop production of what was then known as Sondheim's Wise Guys, later versions of which were titled Bounce and, finally, Road Show. His dad walked away from the family when Cranston was eleven and, though he eventually regained some contact with him, the relationship was never close thereafter. He makes it clear that it was never about fame, it was always about the desire to earn his living doing what he enjoyed and what he felt he had some natural talent for.