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The better the racer you are, the fewer the mistakes you make. Dates of rockabilly style. They were three separate qualifying races held at three separate tracks in California sponsored and heavily promoted by Yamaha Motor Company Ltd. Finally, a third moto of the remaining four riders is run, from which the first two racers across the finish line will be taken to the Main, forming a six-man Main. The skill level class you belong to also affects how many points you get.

That is more than enough to have three motos four is the minimum. To compete on a National level for national titles you must compete in Nationals. We observed that bowling-rockabilly-shirts.

In the Amateur class, advancement to a higher skill level depends on rider success in their present skill level. This guy never fails to impress. Unfortunately it did not last more than two racing seasons. The first two finishers qualify for and do not race again until the Main. This organization is now known as British Cycling.

Except for the Pro-Am exception the Expert racers usually wins the open class. Gaz mixes super difficult technical tricks with big moves like double tailwhips. The more points a racer has the higher his ranking and thus the lower the number he gets to wear on his front number plate the following season. There are separate Open divisions for Cruisers where similar rules apply.

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He won the longest jump contest at King of Concrete and also travelled to China with us to perform at the Shanghai Cycle Expo. On the national level only five career wins are required in both cases.

One of the latest riders to start riding shows for Team Extreme, he brings a powerful park style, with big airs, barspins and variations. There are separate point scoring for cruiser and girl classes and separate point tables for state and national rankings. He prides himself on his unique style and stage presence and also teaches and performs workshops in beatboxing. Then if you did qualify for the Main, you had to race the Main five times to find the final ranking of racers.

Originally from London, Zach spends much of his time traveling the world for competitions and demos. In Opens there are no Novice, Intermediate and Expert divisions. Chaz Sands - Inline Skater Chaz is from Glasgow and competes around the world in major international events. Some local special event races are double or even triple point races, doubling or tripling the points each position in the Mains each racer would normally get. Like during the qualifying motos the points you earn in each running of the Pro Main are tied into the position you finish in each of the three motos.