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Blake lively dating ryan

Despite positive critical reception, the film failed at the box office. While movie buffs also gave their stamp of approval, others were giving Lively and Reynolds the side eye. His feed is a goldmine of witty and haphazard tweets randomly fired off as they flow through his stream of consciousness.

Take Lively and Reynolds, for example. Even so, perhaps Lively should've kept this info to herself because now we're trying to scrub away the image of these two giving each other mani-pedis and braiding one another's hair. At the risk of causing a universal meltdown by pointing out the peculiarities of an otherwise flawless couple, here are some odd things about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's marriage.

They can't shake divorce

They can't shake divorce rumors Getty Images For a couple who has seemingly found its happily ever after, there has been a constant flood of rumors about the pair's private life. We're all for T-Swizzle and Lively being ride-or-die besties, but our strange-o-meter is going haywire over their super-close bond. Near, far, wherever you are Getty Images Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are all about togetherness, to the point that they even coordinate their filming schedules so they can be by each other's side.

Picking out a coffee table. Both of her parents and all of her siblings are, or have been, in the entertainment industry. Ever since Ashley Madison closed I've been so lonely. Naturally, it makes us wonder if there was some overlap going on here, but the world may never know.

We're all for

When Swift isn't in a potentially Grammy Award-winning relationship, she doesn't mind third-wheeling with her bestie and Reynolds. However, it's a bit strange to us that Lively and Reynolds allowed all this to go down.