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They're one of my favorite teams. But they helped us out probably more. It almost seemed like your alliance working against them was a personal issue rather than a strategic one. What you see is what you get and it worked out, I guess, I don't know. Well actually, going into it, we tried to be friends with everybody.

It's like they helped keep you in the Race and obviously you ended up winning. Flying and being around strangers. Plus, the prizes would be nice. Yeah, we definitely like Max and Katie.

Yeah, I would say that Caroline and Jennifer definitely helped us out throughout. Yeah, so the fact is that they did it to themselves.

It seemed like the toughest competitors stuck together and targeted the teams who weren't really winning any legs. Yeah, it was a Race romance. John tells a lot of stories multiple times and speaks very slowly. Caroline, she loves taking notes.

They were on the other side of the alliance. We tried, but I mean, we weren't that strong. Everybody knew what we were doing.

Joey and Meghan and Mona and Beth and Jessica and John from the very, very beginning, they all formed an alliance, like they started the whole alliance thing. Laughs She will write down everything five times, and we knew where the countries were and stuff. And when I talked to the pair last week, they believed they had become outcasts simply because a few of the other teams just didn't like them. They would not stop talking. Jen and I, we never went out to start an alliance.

So yeah, it was just for fun. We code what our clients want.

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