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When he was of just six years old, his parents had a divorce. Bart went from a fitness enthusiast to a proud gym owner and a fitness expert. Indeed, he has been able to maintain a good and healthy relationship with his parents. Media Career First, he gave life to his undergraduate dreams of launching a YouTube channel. The couple met with each other with the help of a friend and dated for five years long before marriage.

He gives himself targets and once achieved, strives to break his last personal bests. According to him, he has the best of relationship with both his parents.

He focused on whole food sources and ate vegetables, lean meats, lots of protein and healthy fats. Bart incorporates cardio workouts a couple of times in his weekly plan.

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In time this would no longer be a sort of a psycho-escape route but a foundation for a bright future career. It was at this point that it dawned on him that his career path was in the entertainment world. He attended the University of California at Los Angeles and studied medicine.

The reach of the channel would broaden to accommodate more fans with specific entertainment tastes with this touch of versatility. He writes, acts and directs in his videos. He works on a satirical approach to expose. Bart Kwan is an internet sensation and YouTube superstar. Bart did not always set out to be in the media business.