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We had reached out to other resources that also had these same issues and they recommended Able Fax Tiff View. In the petroleum industry we run geophysical tools in the wells we drill. We are moving to a new procedure for processing the bills that are being sent us.

Our goal is to reduce or minimize the volume of paper documents that are sent to us. Ability to quickly scan, edit and annotate receipts by adding margins to the receipts. Tif files using a scanner with an automatic document feeder. Julian Campbell I am an attorney.

We also needed an easier workflow in order for the Physicians annotation findings and actions on results for the nurse to process as well as document. Roy Wegen I make Tif files at year end for all my financial documents such as broker statements, bank statements, federal and state tax coies, and credit card statements. The legacy data was originaly printed to folded paper and stored in a file cabinet. Diane Koschwitz We use it for updating floor plans.

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In addition, the tech support is great and extremely prompt. My experience with this viewer is very short. Your software solved the problem. AbleFaxTifView program has unique and time saving features such as de-skewing, noise and random pixel removal despeckle and autocropping. Before I came across this program I was using regular and expensive photo imaging software which did the job but was cumbersome and difficult to use.

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Paul Gerlach I've been a user of Abel fax tif viewer for years. Fred Thompson This is a useful program. In evaluating a means for making annotations on these digital images, I found Able Tiff Annotations during a Google search.