She was nicknamed Pee Mai

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But once I had the chance to be with her, I felt a strong connection with her. As for her real name, I'll let Aff decide. But let's wait to see when will be the best timing to do so. There is no one else there, except for a monkey and his mute servant. And because Harin was the closest person Harit had, he was furious to take revenge.

She knows she has fallen in love with Harit as well, but she knows that Sansanee also loves him, so she must let go. The more I held and took care of her, the stronger the bond between us became. On the day she leaves, Harit knows that he has fallen in love with her, but he knows he has to let her go back home.

She rejects but he insists on her to put it on. Fortunately, Harit arrives to the scene in time to rescue her. The minute he laid eyes on his daughter brought joy to his heart as he sees her for the first time.

Harit Aum Atichart Chumnanont is the owner of a pearl farm. If possible, I'd be happy. But yesterday morning, he sneaked to bathe and wash her hair all by himself.

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Although Soraya keeps telling Harit that she is not Sansanee, he refuses to believe her. She picks up shells on the beach to make a necklace. When we entered the delivery room, we tried our best to make everything go as planned. Everything was just happening so fast.

At last, the day finally arrived. Harit sees this and instead gives her a cheap pearl bracelet. The breakup caused Harin to commit suicide.

She's the first good news of the new year. As for her real name, I'd have to wait and discuss it with the elders. When Harit brings Soraya to his pearl farm, Soraya learns from his workers that Harit is actually a caring person, to her surprise. Because her aunt and uncle have financially supported her, Soraya feels obligated to serve them.

Songkran would pray every

It was kind of like a phase when I started to browse through his series to watch. Songkran would pray every single day so that his daughter will not be born any earlier or later than New Year's day. Right now, we are waiting to have her official formal name. It keeps growing continuously.

Finally, she agreed and was born on New Year's day. We were eagerly awaiting for her arrival.