Audrey and dating

Audrey and dating

Inside the lighthouse and as the portal is opening, Audrey pushes William in, but his spark caused Mara to resurface and asks who is going to help her get William back. They have a particularly strained relationship, but by the end of the first season, they had become good friends. But by Lockdown they had broken up as Chris got Audrey's spare weapon out of Evidence and almost got everybody, herself included, killed. Edit Audrey and Charlotte are mother and daughter. Edit Chris and Audrey They meet in Sparks and Recreation and they begin a relationship in Roots when they spend a night together.

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He also reveals that he is behind the hand prints Audrey has been seeing. Edit In the beginning of the series The Chief and Audrey didn't see eye to eye.

The two soon grew to be good friends. So Lucy takes James into the Barn in order to save his life. William helps her escape the Barn and back to Haven. James disappears into the barn, and is never seen again.

So Lucy takes James into

When Audrey confronts Charlotte about this, Charlotte tells Audrey she is her mother, more specifically, Mara's mother. Audrey later finds a ring that is identical to the one she has that belonged to Sarah.

They do not tell her about her past lives and instead let her figure out things on her own. Audrey realised she couldnt be with him anymore. In Spiral they come when she calls about Garland's death. When he realizes that Arla has lied to him, he makes up with Audrey and tells her that killing someone you love ends the troubles forever. They finally meet again in the Barn, but this time, she is Lexie DeWitt.