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Astroturfing is traditionally understood as the manufacture of a grassroots movement that is totally fake. Based on word choice, punctuation and context, the method is able to detect whether one person or multiple people are responsible for the samples. When this happens, the multi-avatar trolls will disappear altogether, to be reborn under alternate pseudonyms.

The techniques used by astroturfing depend on swarming to be effective, which has to be large enough to overwhelm resistance trolls. But on occasions, skeptics can get a good run, and the conversation is a very productive one. In fact, Colby had simply set up sessions with a program that simulated the speech of a paranoid schizophrenic.

This article has been republished from materials provided by University of Texas at San Antonio. They are not abusive as such, but simply attempt to distract and reduce the level of discussion to a pub brawl - ending in an impasse with the aim of driving readers away.

In either case, it is a cold call that has come out of the blue and is asking you to take action quickly and send money now. What is spiking in these forums at the moment - including right here at The Conversation - is a new kind of astroturfing. Birdie Jaworski knows what it feels like. This is particularly evident of trolls who have posted large slabs of text shortly after an article is published. Consequently, the resistance trolls do not necessarily need multi-personas, or even a pseudonym.

But the real tragedy of astroturfing is that it drowns out a discussion that could happen between genuine skeptics of the science and the warmists. But this is made difficult when the trolls are out in number.

They are not abusive as such

Skeptics actually want to have a discussion, and wish to have a voice to defend their position. Benevenuto and his colleagues created bot accounts, making sure each one had a convincing profile complete with picture and attributes such as gender. Resistance trolls are not astroturfers in that they are seldom acting on behalf of an organised institution, but act out of rational understanding of the science. Jaworski was amused, but also felt cheated. Sometimes, bots can even trick the web-savvy.