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Are christian kane and sofia pernas still dating

He has people around that he can talk to. They are in Colorado snowboarding together right now. Or else she wouldn't talk about it.

He is truly justHe might be hiding each

You've been doing this for a while now, viciously attacking this girl for no apparent purpose. He is focused on his career and does not want to involve in a serious relationship.

He is always thanking those who've helped him get his start and his fans for supporting his work. He is an amazing person, so talented and so down to earth. This is from her family and not the web.

He might be hiding each of his personal stuff. He is truly just down to earth and a man I wish I could have the chance to meet. She holds Moroccan nationality and belongs to the mixed ethnicity.

She is a country music singer that he met when he was writing songs in Nashville a few years ago. And then I started watching, and I got more confident. He is a talented musician an a very talented actor. They were an item for a few months until their break up. That is when i first heard him sing.