The event was hosted by Clara

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He also shared that he already had dream girl. The event was hosted by Clara. Bobby immediately laughed and glanced at him. The worst rumors that there are some netizens said Jinhyeong never done free sex and fighting brawl.

Skinship is a Korean term for physical activities such as caressing, hugging and kissing. He can be cute and handsome at the same time. The first time they were seen shopping together at renowned Edit Shop. Sometimes he could be a macho man with carefree attitude.

Soon they came back in the limelight when fans noticed both of them wearing the same sneakers, as some consider as indications of a relationship. His fellow members, fans and agency like him because of his good personality.

However he managed to handle the

However, he managed to handle the situation in a light mood and ended the scene by taking a picture with her. Moreover, he has also hinted that his girlfriend should be the one who is loquacious because he speaks less. Other rumors say he also smoked.

Moreover he has also

The situation worsened when they captured his photos which angered him. Being celebrities, the fans look up to every single part of their life. As a result, the rumors die eventually. Other times, he shows his sensitivity and gentle heart. Bobby looks for a girl with strong personality.

They are so close that they admittedly shower together once in a while in the name of saving time. His face shows that no messing around with this guy. However, he has expressed that his ideal girl should possess the traits of being innocent, sincere, strong and independent. However, based on other interview with a magazine B.

Before the show, Jinhyeong had trained with Bobby. Some netizens think that Donghyuk sexuality is questionable. Jinhwan once shared that he prefers beautiful ellegant girls to cute ones and he loves to see them in mini skirt.